Women's Program

Women's Program

Gateway Seminary's Women's Program features master's and certificate level courses as well as mentoring opportunities for growing leaders. Check here for information about upcoming women's ministry events.

Master's degrees

Master of Divinity - Ministry to Women ConcentrationMaster of Arts in Educational Leadership - Ministry to Women Concentration


Ministry to Women Certificate

Upcoming Courses

Fall 2022

Women in Biblical Perspective (Gateway Online) - This course is a study of passages in the Old Testament and New Testament related to women. Specifically, the course will examine roles of women in the Bible. It will encourage the student to develop an understanding of biblical womanhood that will influence one’s perspective in ministry and in life.

Women's Ministry Leadership (Los Angeles Campus-Ontario and Remote Access-Online) - The purpose of this course is to provide opportunities for students to relate basic principles of leadership to their personal and professional lives and to examine and analyze the biblical foundation of servant leadership. Approaches to leadership, mentoring, and leadership essentials such as communication, group leadership, relationships, and conflict management as they relate to women in leadership will be addressed.

Spring 2023

Contemporary Issues for Ministry to Women (Gateway Online) - This course will equip students to respond redemptively and effectively to people struggling with issues related to women in the church and in ministry. Course content will include teaching and discipling of women. Students will be encouraged to understand a broad range of perspectives related to ministry to women in the church and in various contexts and challenged to grow in their personal convictions related to ministry application.

Women's Ministry (Los Angeles Campus-Ontario and Remote Access-Online) - This course is an introduction to both the biblical basis and practical application of ministries for women. Special attention is given to developing a comprehensive approach to a specific area of ministry to women. Remote Access classes are accessible from your home through a live, interactive video conference.

Women's Network

Take the lead and join hundreds of women as they connect through interactive live webinars led by world-class trainers and ministry leaders. Gain instant access to Women's Network conferences, personal mentors, and other resources designed to equip you in your calling. Click below to register!

How it works

Attend monthly webinar sessions led by prominent ministry leaders and pastors’ wives.

Get connected with a mentor who will foster your ministry growth and leadership skills.

Gain instant access to women’s network conferences hosted by Gateway Seminary.

Earn a certificate upon completion of 10 webinar sessions.

What to expect

Webinars and events that cover topics including identity and calling, life balance, leadership development, discipleship training, and stress management.

Access to yearlong leadership training, blog forums, special events tailored to your ministry needs, and other ministry tools.

Build a network of fellow women in ministry leadership and ministers’ wives with connections to local churches, the seminary, and parachurch ministries.


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