Church Planting Certificate

Focus Highlights

The Church Planting Certificate (CPC) is a 15 credit hour program designed to give church planters greater insight and instruction in church planting methods, as well as create a network of planters in the area of the regional campus. The Church Planting Certificate is offered at all Gateway Seminary campuses. All courses are fully accredited and applicable for other degree programs.

Ministry Path

Ministry leaders and others interested in church planting.

Why a CPC at Gateway?

The Church Planting Certificate provides students with church planting knowledge and tools that can help to ensure a higher level of success in church planting in the region. Specifically, the certificate will provide the following:

  • Spiritual formation, ministry leadership, and preaching/communication development
  • Practical skills and tools in church planting ministry
  • A network for church planters


High school diploma or GED.