International Students

International Students

Admissions Information for International Students

International applicants must complete a pre-application prior to receiving the regular application packet.

Process for international student application:

  1. Submit all pre-application materials (A pre-application checklist (listed below) is provided to help you organize your materials) before the deadline (November 1 for spring semester and June 1 for fall). Pre-application includes the following elements:
    1. Pre-Application Form 
    2. Financial support verification: Applicants must complete and submit financial documentation as described on page 3 of the pre-application. Please refer to the Estimated Financial expenses (listed below) document to determine how much financial support is needed. Financial amounts must be converted to U.S. dollars and all supporting documents must be translated into English.
    3. English Proficiency: If English is not the applicant's first language, we require an official copy of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score. Please see our catalog to determine the required TOEFL score for our different degree programs. An exemption of the TOEFL requirement may be granted if the applicant has received a degree from an accredited institution where the instruction was entirely in English. Other exemptions are available if applying to our Korean Bilingual programs.
    4. Official transcripts and transcript evaluation: Applicants must submit official transcripts of all college, university, and seminary education. These transcripts must be translated into English and sent in a sealed envelope directly from the educational institution to the Enrollment Office. If transcripts of the qualifying degree are from a school outside the United States, they will need to be evaluated by a professional evaluation agency. A transcript of a bachelor's or master's degree from a school outside the United States will need to be evaluated by a professional evaluation agency such as the International Education Research Foundation, Inc. An official copy of the evaluation results should be sent directly to the Enrollment Services Office. Transcripts submitted from institutions that have formal partnerships (Memorandum of Understanding or MOU) with Gateway Seminary are not required to submit professional evaluations of transcripts unless applying to a doctoral degree program.
  2. Submit a regular application for admissions.
  3. Upon final approval for admission, you will be issued an I-20, which is necessary for your F-1 visa application or for your transfer from another approved SEVIS school.

To be considered a Southern Baptist-status student, international applicants must be a member of a Baptist church in their home country or a member of a Southern Baptist church in the United States prior to admission. Southern Baptist students must maintain their affiliation and active membership in a local Southern Baptist church during their studies at Gateway Seminary.

Further information about any of the above is available from the International Student Advisor's Office at 888-442-8701.

Pre-Application and Financial Support Checklist for International Students

Pre-Application Checklist

___Notarized pre-application
___Official TOEFL score
___Official transcripts
___Evaluation of bachelors degree transcript
___Copy of I-20 and I-94 if in the U.S.
___Official financial support documentation

Financial Support Checklist

Please read the "Official Certification of Funds" instructions on the financial documentation
If financial support is from personal funds:

___Original, signed, personal letter of support
___Official bank statement or letter from the bank

If financial support is from an individual sponsor:

___Original, signed, notarized letter of support
___Official bank statement or letter from the bank

If financial support is from a church:

___Original, signed, letter of support
___Official bank statement or letter from the bank

If financial support is from a scholarship:

___Official, signed letter from the public institution, organization or foundation providing the scholarship or grant

Attn: Enrollment Office
Gateway Seminary
3210 E. Guasti Rd.
Ontario, CA 91761-8642

Estimated Financial Expenses for International Students

United States Immigration regulations require that anyone entering the United States on a F-1 student visa, submit official financial documentation to show that adequate financial resources are available for seminary education and living expenses while in the United States. The following is the approximate minimum cost for tuition, books, housing, food and living expenses for the academic year 2016-2017:

Southern Baptist San Francisco Campus Brea Center Pacific Northwest
Single Student $26,190 $26,190 $26,190
Married Couple $32,130 $32,130 $32,130

Non-Southern Baptist San Francisco Campus Brea Center Pacific Northwest
Single Student $31,340 $31,340 $31,340
Married Couple $37,280 $37,280 $37,280

Each child is an additional $3,314.

Students on F-1 visas are eligible to apply for part-time work on campus, although on-campus employment opportunities are limited.

Family members and dependants on an F-2 visa are not allowed to work at any time during their stay in the United States.

Campus Housing for International Students

The Seminary offers housing for select groups of international students in the form of two adjoined apartment complexes about three miles from campus. Family housing is available for qualified married students, their spouse and dependent children under the age of 19. Housing for extended family members, or for dependents over the age of 19, is not typically available. No facilities are provided on campus for mobile homes, motor homes, vacation trailers, campers, or similar equipment.

Housing Application

Downloadable forms and information

30-Day Notice to Vacate
Apartment Resident's Handbook
Housing Extension Request Form