Arizona Campus

Arizona Campus

The Arizona Campus (AZC) of Gateway Seminary is located in Phoenix, Arizona, one of the most rapidly growing and dynamic metropolitan areas in the country. Students can take advantage of numerous ministry opportunities at hundreds of local churches to gain valuable practical experience while earning a degree.

The campus, established in 1995, is designed to serve Arizona students by allowing them to gain theological training and serve in ministry simultaneously.

The 5.5-acre campus includes recently renovated facilities shared with the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention.

Degrees Offered

Master of Divinity
Embark on a lifelong journey of personal, spiritual, and professional growth with Gateway's Master of Divinity. Eleven concentrations and a host of electives to choose from allow you to customize your degree to the ministry you want to pursue.
Master of Theological Studies
The Master of Theological Studies is a foundational program that provides the theological groundwork for personal enrichment, ministry enhancement, and further graduate study.
Master of Theological Essentials
The Master of Theological Essentials is a 36 credit-hour program that provides a foundation for Christian thought.
Master of Arts in Christian Counseling
Gateway's Master of Arts in Christian Counseling equips church leaders and ministry partners to care for and counsel people in a context based on biblical and theological foundations.
Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)
Designed to enhance your ministry, not take you away from it, Gateway's Doctor of Ministry program encourages you to mature in your ministerial leadership identity, understanding, and skills.
Diploma in Divinity
The Diploma in Divinity offers ministerial training for people called to full-time ministry who don't have an undergraduate degree. It shares much of the same coursework as the Master of Divinity.
Diploma in Theological Studies
The Diploma in Theological Studies provides a basic understanding of the biblical and theological disciplines for personal enrichment, ministry enhancement, and as preparation for further study.
Diploma in Theological Essentials
The Diploma in Theological Essentials provide core theological training, primarily for lay ministry leaders or ministry leaders receiving vocational training in a church setting or in another academic setting.
Bible Teaching
Gain a deeper understanding of the content and message of the Bible and learn how to best teach that message with Gateway's Certificate in Bible Teaching.
Children's Ministry
The Children's Ministry Certificate prepares students to minister to children and their families in the 21st century.
Church Planting Certificate
The Church Planting Certificate provides students with knowledge and tools that can help to ensure a higher level of success in church planting in the region.
Church Revitalization Certificates
The Church Revitalization Certificates are designed to give pastors, re-planters and revitalizers greater insight and instruction in church transformations as well as create a local network of revitalizers.
Mission Studies
Specifically designed to meet the International Mission Board's requirements for appointment to ministry, the Certificate in Missions Studies provides the theological and biblical groundwork for missions service.
Pastoral Care Certificate
The Pastoral Care Certificate is designed to provide local church leaders the practical skills needed to minister effectively to the emotional and spiritual needs of others.

Phoenix Metropolitan Area

  • City Size: The Phoenix metropolitan area is the 14th most populous in the U.S.
  • Population: 4,329,534
  • Ethnic Diversity: 57% Anglo, 31% Hispanic, 5% African American, 4% Asian/Pacific Islander, 3% Native American
  • Religious Diversity: 11.2% evangelical, 69.3% unaffiliated with any religious body
  • SBC Church-to-Population Ratio: 1 to 19,338

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