Housing Policies

Students occupying seminary housing need to be aware of the following important policies:

  • Rent is due on the first day of the month, in advance. A late fee of $25 is charged for any payment past the 10th day of the month.
  • A standard cleaning/damage deposit is required for each apartment type. This may be returned following move-out if proper notice is provided and the apartment is in a good state of repair and cleanliness as determined by the Resident Life Office.
  • No pets are allowed in any apartments or rooms. The term "pet" is understood to include all animals, rodents, birds, and reptiles. Specifically excluded from this regulation are fish, which may be maintained in bowls or aquariums of reasonable size and good design.
  • Tenants hold no right of subletting/subleasing seminary apartments to any external party. Some restrictions apply to extended visitors/guests.
  • Telephone and Internet service are the responsibility of the tenant and are to be connected only at existing outlets. Outdoor T.V. antennae are not permitted and some satellite systems are restricted.
  • Additional major appliances such as dishwashers, freezers, washers or dryers are not permitted in student apartments.

A full listing of housing policies/procedures is available for review in the Residential Life Office through the Apartment Handbook publication and housing License Agreement. Any requests for exception of campus housing policies are reviewed on an individual basis by the Residential Life Office and/or the Housing Committee.

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