“The sun receives nothing from the jewel that receives its light, but the jewel shines only by a participation of its brightness.”

- Jonathan Edwards (1749)


As one of ten international affiliate centers of Yale University, this center seeks to be the educational epicenter for researching the life and works of America’s premier theologian. The Jonathan Edwards Center (JEC) hosts conferences followed by publications which include its conference proceedings. Graduate students have the opportunity to submit papers in a competition in which the winner will receive a monetary prize and guaranteed publication. Under the auspices of Gateway Seminary, this center seeks to strengthen existing doctoral and visiting scholar programs and network with international scholarly communities as well as local churches.

“The Jonathan Edwards Center at Gateway Seminary is the research, education, and publication hub for Edwards studies on the West Coast.” - Chris Chun, Director 



Gateway hosts first Jonathan Edwards conference - The Jonathan Edwards Center at Gateway Seminary hosted its inaugural conference Jan. 15-16 at the Ontario, Calif., campus. The conference theme was "Regeneration, Revival and Creation: Religious Experience and the Purposes of God in the Thought of Jonathan Edwards." Continue Reading

  1. Panel Discussion

    featuring Adriaan Neele, Mark Rogers, Robert Caldwell, Kenneth Minkema and Oliver Crisp.

  2. Portrait of Edwards

    Oliver Crisp presenting his portrait of Jonathan Edwards for display in the JEC reading room.

  3. Panel Discussion Q&A

    Kenneth Minkema answers a question during the panel discussion.

  4. Adriaan Neele Presentation

    Neele describing the establishment of multiple Edwards centers around the world.

  5. Recognition of John Shouse

    for significant contributions to the JEC at Gateway Seminary.

Online Journal

Read the latest issue of the online journal Jonathan Edwards Studies. Published by the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University, the journal is an interdisciplinary digital publication that deals with all facets of Edwards’ fascinating body of work, including historic trajectories, early modern context, his life and thought, and global legacies from a variety of perspectives.

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Regeneration, Revival, and Creation: Religious Experience and the Purposes of God in the Thought of Jonathan Edwards edited by Chris Chun and Kyle C. Strobel.

Press Kit

"Praying for Revival in the Life And Thought of Jonathan Edwards and Edwardsean Baptists" by Michael Haykin.

Jonathan Edwards Studies vol. 8 no. 2 (2018) - "Philip J. Fisk, Jonathan Edwards’s Turn from the Classic-Reformed Tradition of Freedom of the Will" by Cameron Schweitzer, current Gateway student.

Edwardseana Issue 4: Fall 2018 - Read more about the Jonathan Edwards Center at Gateway Seminary.


Courses will be offered for students about Jonathan Edwards and his theological legacy.



Events Postponed Due to COVID-19

Jonathan Edwards Center Colloquium | March 19, 2020 - Dr. Robert Caldwell is professor of church history at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Following his chapel message and a luncheon, he will deliver a 40-minute JEC lecture and Q&A in the Graves Center. He will be speaking on his new book, Theologies of the American Revivalists: From Whitefield to Finney (InterVarsity Press).

Jonathan Edwards Center Colloquium | November, 2020 - Dr. Michael McClymond is the author of The Theology of Jonathan Edwards (Oxford University Press) and is professor of modern Christianity at Saint Louis University. He will deliver a 40-minute JEC lecture and Q&A on the modern universalism controversy. The exact date will be released when it is confirmed.


Past Events

August 21, 2019 | Colloquium with Ryan Hoselton, doctoral candidate and instructor at Heidelberg University.

January 15-16, 2019 | Inaugural Conference of the Jonathan Edwards Center at Gateway Seminary Download Program

September 27, 2018 | Lecture by Dr. Kyle Strobel - “Jonathan Edwards and the Nature of the Christian Life” Watch Video

April 23, 2018 | Lecture by Dr. Mark Rogers - “Jonathan Edwards and New Divinity School"

March 26, 2018 | Lecture by Dr. Oliver Crisp - “Jonathan Edwards and Dispositional Ontology”