Our Staff


Michael Ahn

Director, Korean-English Bilingual Program | Associate Professor of New Testament

Gary P. Arbino

Professor of Archaeology and Old Testament

Dallas Bivins

Director, Arizona Campus office: 480-941-1993mobile: 423-276-2737

Mark Bradley

Director, Pacific Northwest Campusoffice: 360-882-2200

Chris Chun

Chair, History/Theological Studies | Associate Professor of Church Historyoffice: 909-687-1644


Professor of Pastoral Care and Chaplaincyoffice: 909-687-1627

Don Dent

Director, Kim School of Global Missions | Chair, Intercultural Studies | Baker James Cauthen Professor of World Missionsoffice: 909-687-1647

Rodrick K. Durst

Director, San Francisco Campus

Kristen Ferguson

Director of Online Educationoffice: 909-687-1622

Leroy Gainey

JM Frost Professor of Educational Leadershipoffice: 510-449-0632

Adam P. Groza

Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services | Associate Professor of Philosophy office: 909-687-1450

Harry A. Hahne

Professor of New Testament Studiesoffice: 480-941-1993

James Hardwicke

Associate Professor of Theologymobile: 417-312-0056

Lisa Hoff

Associate Professor of Intercultural Studiesoffice: 909-687-1672

Jeff Iorg

Pastor, author, teacher, leaderoffice: 909-687-1701

Allan Karr

Professor of Church Plantingoffice: 303-779-6431 ext. 5mobile: 303-726-9961

Paul G. Kelly

Chair, Educational Leadership | Professor of Educational Leadershipoffice: 909-687-1624

Joseph J. Kim

Associate Professor of Intercultural Educationoffice: 909-687-1673

R. Michael Kuykendall

Professor of New Testament Studiesoffice: 360-882-2173

D. Michael Martin

Vice President of Academic Servicesoffice: 909-687-1600

Carl Mosser

Professor of Theologyoffice: 909-687-1623

Eddie Pate

Professor of Evangelismoffice: 909-687-1608

Robert Phillips

Director of Library Servicesoffice: 909-687-1482

Glenn Prescott

Director, Theological Field Training Program | Chair, Leadership Formation | Professor of Ministry Leadershipoffice: 909-687-1626

J.T. Reed

Associate Director, Doctor of Ministry Programoffice: 909-687-1606

John W. Shouse

Professor of Christian Theologyoffice: 909-687-1625

Paul A. Smith

Associate Professor of Old Testament Studiesoffice: 480-941-1993

Debbie Steele

Associate Professor of Christian Counselingoffice: 909-687-1641

John W. Taylor

Director, Academic Graduate Studies Program | Professor of New Testamentoffice: 909-687-1604

Dwayne Ulmer

Professor of Educational Leadershipoffice: 909-687-1653

Stephen G. Veteto

Director, Rocky Mountain Campusoffice: (303) 779-6431

R. Gregg Watson

Associate Dean, Academic Services | Chair, Biblical Studies | Associate Professor of Old Testament Studiesoffice: 909-687-1620

Paul D. Wegner

Distinguished Professor of Old Testament Studiesoffice: 909-687-1621

Timothy J. Wiarda

Professor of New Testament Studies

James L. Wilson

Director, Doctor of Ministry Program | Professor of Leadership Formationoffice: 909-687-1607

Alicia C. Wong

Associate Professor of Women's Ministryoffice: 909-687-1642

Kon Hwon Yang

Associate Professor of Old Testament Studiesoffice: 909-687-1605

Martin Chien

Director, Chinese-English Bilingual Program | Professor of Leadership Formation

Affiliated Faculty

George H. Guthrie

Benjamin W. Perry Professor of Bible, Union Universityoffice: 731-661-5264

David Howard

Professor of Old Testament, Bethel Seminaryoffice: 651-638-6197

V. Philips Long

Professor of Old Testament, Regent Collegeoffice: 604-924-4621

Chris Morgan

Dean of the School of Christian Ministries, CBUoffice: 951-343-4369

Richard R. Melick, Jr.

Distinguished Professor of New Testament Studies, Gateway Seminaryoffice: 415-380-1552

Senior Faculty

Ronald L. Hornecker

Professor of Ministryoffice: 480-941-1993

David McCormick

Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling office: 415-380-1546mobile: 951-581-9918

Richard R. Melick, Jr.

Distinguished Professor of New Testament Studies, Gateway Seminaryoffice: 415-380-1552

Shera Melick

Associate Professor of Educational Leadership

Gary W. McCoy

Professor of Worship and Church Music