Tuition and Fees

Gateway Seminary seeks to provide a quality education at the most reasonable cost possible. Gateway is a private, non-profit Southern Baptist institution that relies upon the generosity of churches, alumni, friends, and the Cooperative Program of the Southern Baptist Convention. We gratefully acknowledge their partnership in this ministry that enables the Seminary to keep the cost to our students at an affordable level.

The student fees that follow will be in effect for the Fall term (August 1) 2015. However, the Seminary reserves the right to alter these fees at any time without prior notice.

Application for Admissions Fee (non-refundable): $50

Tuition for Master and Diploma Programs
Graduate Studies Program
Campus Housing Fees
Doctor of Ministry Program
CLD Fees

Tuition for Master and Diploma Programs

Southern Baptist

*Master / Non-Degree $255 per unit
Online courses (an additional online course fee applies) $255 per unit
Audit Fee $100 per course

Non-Southern Baptist

*Master / Non-Degree - California $470 per unit
*Master / Non-Degree - Non-California $450 per unit
Online courses (an additional online course fee applies) $330 per unit
Audit Fee $100 per course

* A tuition discount of 50% is provided to the spouse of a full-time student. This discount will be applied to the spouse with the lowest tuition charge. Discount forms should be obtained from and returned to the Registrar’s Office.

Master and Diploma Programs Refund Policy (tuition only)

100% - During First Week of Semester
85% - During Second Week of Semester
70% - During Third Week of Semester
50% - During Fourth Week of Semester

*January and Summer term refunds, and refunds for Fall and Spring courses that begin after the fourth week of the semester, will be 100% through the first day of class. There will be no refunds after that date. Fall and Spring courses that begin anytime within the first four weeks of the semester will follow the standard refund schedule above.

Graduate Studies Program

Southern Baptist

ThM / PhD - Full Time (6-9 hours) $2,750 per semester
ThM / PhD - Part Time (2-5 hours)  $1,500 per semester
Course load over 9 hours per semester $310 per hour
Dissertation Stage 1 (through 10th semester) $2,750 per semester
Dissertation Stage 2 (through 12th semester) $3,850 per semester
Dissertation Stage 3 (beyond 12th semester) $4,900 per semester
Extension Fee $200 per semester
Registration Fee $220 per semester
Thesis Binding Fee $100

Non-Southern Baptist

ThM / PhD - Full Time (6-9 hours) $5,550 per semester
ThM / PhD - Part Time (2-5 hours) $2,850 per semester
Course load over 9 hours per semester $615 per hour
Dissertation Stage $5,550 per semester
Extension Fee $400 per semester
Registration Fee $220 per semester
Thesis Binding Fee $100

Graduate Study Refunds:

No refunds apply to graduate study courses after the first day of class

Other Fees (non-refundable)

Registration Fee $220
Registration Fee (6 hours or less) $110
Late Registration Fee $70
Online Course Fee (per class) * $100
New Student Orientation Fee $35
Drop Fee (per event) $100
Late Payment Fee $50
Returned Check Fee $60
Graduation Fee $90
Late Graduation Application Fee $50
Official Transcript Fee $10
Degree Change Fee $30
Deferred Payment Fee $50
Course Materials Fee $25

*Online course fee may be transferable to another online course within the same semester.

Campus Housing Fees

Rent - Apartment (Unfurnished)

One bedroom $800
Two bedroom $1000

Miscellaneous Housing Fees

Application Fee (non-refundable) $100
Deposit - Apts (due upon arrival) $400
Deposit - Apts (due upon arrival) $500
Late Payment Fee (after the 10th) $25
Returned Check Fee $60
Additional Key $10
Unreturned/Replacement Key $20
Failure to give 30-Day Notice One Month’s Rent

Doctor of Ministry Program

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program is a single-fee program payable in full at the time of matriculation, or by permission in six equal installments. The fee applies to all candidates who complete the program in three years (six semesters) or less. Candidates who have not completed the DMin program within this time frame will be charged the current extension fee for up to two additional semesters. Candidates completing all work in one semester but not graduating until the following commencement will not normally be charged for the intervening semester. Not including any interrupted status approved by the DMin Committee, candidates not completing the program after five years will normally be terminated. Candidates on international assignment must complete the program within two stateside assignments to avoid imposition of extension fees.

In the event a student withdraws and is readmitted to the program at a later date, the student will be readmitted under the current program fee and the candidate will pay a readmission fee equal to the current extended status fee for two semesters.

Southern Baptist

Doctor of Ministry Total Fee $10,800
DMin Extension $1,000 per semester
Interrupted Status Fee $100 per semester
Course Material Fee $100 one-time

Non-Southern Baptist

Doctor of Ministry Total Fee $16,100
DMin Extension $1,000 per semester
Interrupted Status Fee $100 per semester
Course Material Fee $100 one-time

DMin Refund Policy

Refunds will be credited to the DMin student after an approved withdrawal, prorated on a six-semester basis. No refunds will be given following the start of the sixth semester. The six-semester clock does not run during “interrupted" status. Extension fees and interrupted status fees are non-refundable.

DMin Deferred Payment Plan

Doctor of Ministry students may elect to pay their program fee in six equal installments, beginning with the first seminar. Subsequent payments (including extension and interrupted status fees) are due at the beginning of each academic term (December 1 and June 1). The installment payment schedule listed below is for a period of six semesters.

Southern Baptist - $1,800 per semester
Non-Southern Baptist - $2,683 per semester

The installment application will be included in the registration material or may be obtained from the Business Office. It must be returned to the Business Office, along with the first payment, by the beginning of the first seminar. Students must be financially current to attend any seminar.

CLD Fees

Application for Center Certification Fee $35
Program Transfer Fee (Certificate and Diploma) $30
Application for Admission Fee $30
Gateway CLD Fee for students and auditors (per credit hour) $25
•  First copy Free
•  Official copy emailed $13
•  Official copy mailed $15
•  International copy mailed $17
Graduation Fee $90
Graduation Application Late Fee  $50
Cap and Gown Rental (subject to change without notice; price is set by Herff Jones, not the Seminary)
Returned Check Fee $60
Payment Options

All students are responsible to keep their financial accounts current: tuition, fees, housing, library charges, etc. Payment may be made using cash, check, Visa, or MasterCard. The Seminary does not accept Title IV funding or federally guaranteed loans, though the Seminary is a qualified agency for deferment of preexisting student loans.

Payment for tuition and fees is due for each semester in full on or before the final day of registration. This is the only plan available for all online courses, part-time students, and others not eligible for the deferred payment plan.

Deferred Payment Plan (Non-DMin)

The Seminary offers full-time students (defined for master’s and non-doctoral students as a person taking at least 9 credit hours per semester; defined for Th.M. and Ph.D. students as someone taking at least 6 credit hours per semester), who are in good academic and financial standing, the option of paying their Fall and Spring semester tuition obligation over the length of the semester. Tuition may be divided into four monthly payments. The first tuition payment (including all online course tuition) and all fees are due on or before the final date of registration. While online coursework is used to determine full-time or part-time status, online tuition charges are not eligible for deferred payment.

Applications may be obtained from the Business Office and must be submitted two weeks before the beginning of classes. Students only taking online courses are not eligible for the deferred payment plan. No deferred payment options will be available for January or Summer term classes. There is a $50 processing fee for deferred payment agreements.

Delinquent Accounts

All financial obligations (i.e. tuition, fees, loan payment, housing rent, library fines, etc.) are to be paid on or before the day due. An account is considered delinquent the day after the financial obligation is due, and the student account will be assessed a late charge on that day. It is a student's responsibility to keep his/her account current. Delinquencies may subject the student to disciplinary action. Students will not be permitted to register for the subsequent term, and DMin students will not be permitted to attend any scheduled seminars if accounts are delinquent. Transcripts will not be released and graduation will not be permitted until all obligations are paid in full. Graduating students must settle their accounts with the Business Office by the Thursday prior to graduation. All delinquent accounts may be subject to legal collection procedures.

Student Account Disputes

All disputes concerning student accounts should be directed to the Business Office. If the issue is not resolved to the student’s satisfaction through conversation with that office, then the problem should be formally submitted in writing to:

Gateway Seminary
Attn: Vice President for Business Affairs
3210 E. Guasti Rd.
Ontario, CA 91761-8642

The Seminary will respond within 20 working days of receipt.

First Semester Students (Non-DMin)

All entering students should arrive with sufficient funds to meet all of the financial obligations of their first semester, including tuition, fees, books, and housing. First semester students may apply for financial assistance, but priority is given to returning students.