Gateway Seminary and Sandals Church have partnered together to offer simple and affordable training for future leaders.

Earn a master's degree from Gateway Seminary

Students from Sandals Church will be able to take classes at Sandals' main campus in Riverside and Gateway's campus in Ontario. They will also be able to take approved classes tuition free!

Application Process

Start your online application here.

Your church endorsement form will be processed by the enrollment office and Sandals Church, so don't worry about filling it out.

Master of Theological Studies

The Master of Theological Studies (MTS) is a two-year, 49 credit hour foundational program. Of the required hours, 9-10 are reserved for electives so that students can focus on what is most important to their ministry preparation.

Course Offerings

Courses will be offered at Gateway's campus in Ontario and Sandals Church's primary campus in Riverside.

Course Requirements

P1111 - Introduction to Ministry Formation
P1116 - Reflection on Ministry Formation
S1112 - Old Testament Introduction I
S1113 - Old Testament Introduction II
S1312 - New Testament Introduction I
S1313 - New Testament Introduction II
S2521 - Biblical Hermeneutics
L1111 - Church History I
L1112 - Church History II
L1211 - Christian Theology I
L1212 - Christian Theology II
P1121-22 - Leadership in Ministry Practicum I & II
I1311 - Basic Evangelism

Sandals Church Recommended Electives

P1115 - Spiritual Formation
P2511 - Ministering in Crisis Situations
E1114 - Counseling for Church Leaders
E1211 - Public Speaking for Christian Educators
E1310 - Ministry Leadership and Administration
E2323 - Ministry of Supervision


Students approved by Sandals Church will receive a full scholarship to cover tuition and fees for classes approved by Sandals Church towards the MTS degree.