Our Mission

Our Mission

Gateway Seminary shapes leaders who expand God's kingdom around the world.

Our Values

We shape leaders who are:

  1. Followers of Jesus
  2. Connected to other believers and leaders
  3. Focused on living out their calling
  4. Missional in character and practice
  5. Relevant to their ministry context

Essential Leadership Competencies

The faculty, staff and administration of Gateway work together through the Seminary's curriculum and co-curricular activities to shape leaders by encouraging and promoting personal, spiritual and professional growth in the following arenas:

  1. Self-Aware - Performs ministry with an awareness of personal calling, gifting, and theological reflection. 
  2. Biblically Literate - Faithfully interprets and applies the Bible. 
  3. Historically Grounded - Ministers out of an historical awareness of the faith and its expressions.
  4. Theologically Grounded - Ministers based on theological convictions expressive of evangelical thought. 
  5. Ethically Grounded - Grasps evangelical convictions to confront moral issues. 
  6. Apt Teacher - Teaches using approaches that are biblically and educationally appropriate. 
  7. Educational Leader - Prepares programs and personnel to provide for the teaching ministry of the church. 
  8. Financial Manager - Manages personal and ministry finances well. 
  9. Strategic Planner - Leads others in planning and execution of plans with foresight and flexibility. 
  10. Worship Planner/Leader - Engages in and leads worship that is biblical and meaningful. 
  11. Disciple Maker - Able to practice and teach spiritual disciplines for life-long spiritual growth and health. 
  12. Communicator - Communicates the biblical message clearly.
  13. Pastoral Leader - Ministers in the context of a relationship with God, self and others. 
  14. Counselor - Counsels others out of a personal faith, compassion, and theological reflection.
  15. Missionally Committed - Develops mission strategy based on biblical, historical, and contemporary principles of missions. 
  16. Culturally Intelligent - Exegetes culture and worldview of a people group with application to life and the contextualization of the gospel. 
  17. Personal Evangelist - Communicates the gospel clearly and persuasively. 
  18. Relational Leader - Manages ministry and personal relationships well.