Pacific Northwest Campus

Pacific Northwest Campus

The Pacific Northwest Campus (PNWC) of Gateway Seminary is located in Vancouver, Washington, on the border of Oregon. Our presence in the midst of two of the most unchurched states in America is strategic for the expansion of the kingdom of God. Students can take advantage of ministry opportunities in hundreds of local churches throughout the region to gain valuable practical experience while earning a degree.

Like all of Gateway’s campuses, the Pacific Northwest Campus is designed to serve local students by allowing them to gain theological training and serve in ministry simultaneously. Most of the classes are scheduled on either Monday or Tuesday, while others have an "intensive" schedule of two or three weekends. This scheduling enables students to commute from outlying areas, take classes efficiently, and return to family and ministry.

The campus was established in 1980 as the third regional campus through a model partnership with the Northwest Baptist Convention.

The majority of our students are already engaged in ministry as pastors, associate pastors, youth pastors, and in other roles. The relative smallness of our campus promotes closeness among the students and relational accessibility with the faculty. Our faculty is ably augmented by devoted adjuncts who are productive practitioners of ministry in our region.

Degrees Offered

Master of Divinity
Embark on a lifelong journey of personal, spiritual, and professional growth with Gateway's Master of Divinity. Eleven concentrations and a host of electives to choose from allow you to customize your degree to the ministry you want to pursue.
Master of Theological Studies
The Master of Theological Studies is a foundational program that provides the theological groundwork for personal enrichment, ministry enhancement, and further graduate study.
Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)
Designed to enhance your ministry, not take you away from it, Gateway's Doctor of Ministry program encourages you to mature in your ministerial leadership identity, understanding, and skills.
Diploma in Theology
The Diploma in Theology offers ministerial training for people called to full-time ministry who don't have an undergraduate degree. It shares much of the same coursework as the Master of Divinity.

Get to know the Pacific Northwest

Portland, Oregon Metropolitan Area

  • City Size: The Portland, Oregon metropolitan area is the 19th most populous in the U.S.
  • Population: 2,992,924
  • Ethnic Diversity: 76% Anglo, 11% Hispanic, 7% Asian/Pacific Islander, 3% African American
  • Religious Diversity: 12.6% evangelical, 62% unaffiliated with any religious body
  • SBC Church-to-Population Ratio: 1 to 28,528

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