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If you are not yet sure you want to commit to a degree or diploma, a certificate offers a quicker option that will directly impact your ministry. Units are transferable to degree programs and a certificate can be completed with only fifteen credit hours.

Bible Teaching Certificate
Ministry to Women Certificate
IMB Qualifications Certificate
Youth Ministry Certificate
Global Engagement Certificate
Intercultural Studies Certificate

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Learning online at Gateway Seminary brings together the best academic quality and practical ministry training. Learn more about the quality of Gateway Online.


Fall 2023 Online Course Schedule

Gateway Online offers primarily 8-week online courses while retaining a select number of 16-week courses. Learn more about the 8-week online course schedule and how to succeed in 8 weeks.

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8-Week Courses Fall 2023

16-Week Courses Fall 2023

term options

 With the addition of the 8-week terms, Gateway Online offers students the flexibility to take one or two subjects at a time while making substantial progress toward their graduation timeline. 

Gateway's online program offers the same, rigorous theological education that you get on campus, but with maximum flexibility. Our 8-week courses will maintain that rigorous education, not removing workload but rethinking our curriculum for students' success in 8 weeks. 

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