Diploma in Global Engagement

Focus Highlights

The Diploma in Global Engagement (Dp.G.E.) prepares leaders to engage the world from a biblical worldview  n order to accomplish the Great Commission. This is a two-year, 38-hour study program that serves to equip, develop, and train students for a competent and biblically contextual ministry in a cross-cultural context. The Dp.G.E. is designed to offer training to those called into ministry, who normally have rich life and career experience, but lack an undergraduate degree. Students complete core courses in theological and biblical studies while also learning from 14 hours of missionspecific coursework. The Diploma in Global Engagement is offered at the Los Angeles campus and online.

Ministry Path

The Diploma in Global Engagement is designed for students who sense God’s call to be missionaries, missions pastors, lay missions leaders, evangelism pastors, church planters, or community ministry leaders in local churches or nonprofit organizations.

Why a Dp.G.E. at Gateway Seminary?

The Dp.G.E. is intended for students who may not have an undergraduate degree. The Diploma in Global Engagement degree with enable students to:

  • Exhibit an understanding of the Bible's content, contexts, structure, and messages; and demonstrate the ability to conduct solid research with a goal of properly interpreting and applying the Bible to modern life. (S1112, S1113, S1312, S1313)
    Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the Christian historical and theological frameworks commonly held in the believers’ church tradition to sustain ministerial leadership to God’s glory. (L1111, L1112, L1211, L1212)
    Understand theory and develop practical skills and proficient strategy to be effective in communicating and living the Gospel in ecclesiological, missional, and intercultural contexts. (I1113, I1211, I1311, I2316)
    Develop advanced skills in global missions in accordance with student’s vocational calling. (I1250, I2220)


High school diploma or GED.