Theological Field Education

Theological Field Education (TFE) is real-life, hands-on ministry in a safe setting that provides an opportunity for students to learn and grow while developing ministry skills through leadership and reflective feedback.

TFE is a required ministry practicum course in which students participate in a ministry internship under the supervision of mentors and in the context of a peer reflection group.

All master’s degrees and diplomas require the two-semester TFE course, except for the Master of Theological Studies, which offers TFE as an elective option.

All Gateway Seminary students must enroll in TFE through the TFE Office or their regional campus office by completing the application below (only available during spring semester). You may not enroll through the Registrar’s office.

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General Information

TFE shapes Christian leaders through a ministry practicum that is based upon a "360-degree feedback" team. The objective is for every student to develop the core competencies needed for ministry, growth in their understanding of self, and increased spiritual vitality.

TFE students create a personalized Covenant of Learning, which specifies the objectives and goals of their TFE ministry experience. The Covenant of Learning integrates leadership character qualities and ministry skills.

  • TFE is a two-semester course offered in a fall-spring sequence only.
  • Completion of both semesters is required to complete the course.
  • Students will meet in the same class section for both semesters.
  • TFE continues for at least 35 consecutive weeks (late August - early May).


TFE Contact Information:

Director of Theological Field Education

Glenn Prescott

TFE Office at LAC

TFE Office


SFC TFE Coordinator

Andrew Flagg

AZC TFE Coordinator

Dallas Bivins

RMC TFE Coordinator

Joel Bundick

PNWC TFE Coordinator

Jim Fitzpatrick

Online TFE Coordinator

Greg Cole