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"God's mercy has always been the difference maker in my life of service." Dr. Kon Yang, Old Testament Studies professor at Gateway Seminary, is retiring this summer. At this chapel he wanted to share a testimony of God's grace in his life. He encouraged us to follow the example of the tax collector in Luke 18:9-14.

Dr. Iorg shared about his decision-making process in following God's call to the SBC Executive Committee, underscoring the importance of relying on God's leading and godly counsel. "God places us in ministry responsibilities primarily to make us into the image of Jesus, not to just do thing through us for Jesus."

Dr. Jason Robertson, pastor at Huntington Beach Church, used the story of Paul's journey to Rome to illustrate how to respond to well-intended opposition when the Spirit calls you. "If you're going to make it in long-term ministry, you're going to have to learn to listen to the spirit of God more than anybody else."

Ryan John, IMB missionary, joined us for our Missions Fellowship. He shared on 1 Thessalonians 1:2 and how it is integral to pursue and incorporate the Holy Spirit into our heart and mission. We must persist in Gospel witness and truth.

Dr. Stephen Reynolds, pastor of First Baptist Church Barstow, spoke on the importance of demonstrating Christlike love to one another in light of Easter. "Christians' love for one another is proof to an unloving and dying world that the love of Christ is real and changes lives."

Dr. Fred Sanders, a systematic theologian and author, joined us for our Deere-Hester Lecture this year and shared on what he calls The Doctrine of the Son: Trinitarian Christology for the Sake of the Gospel.

Dr. Dwayne Ulmer presents his paper on Biblical teaching that brings forth spiritual transformation in the midst of one's internal tension and turmoil. "When spiritually transformed teachers are able to teach the Bible through the personal turmoil of learners, utilizing creative and relevant methodology, and especially with lost people present, the learners will experience spiritual transformation." -Dr. Ulmer

Dr. David Garrison joined us for a special Chapel during our Missions Conference this year. Dr. Garrison talked about how we can share the Gospel and reach the nations right in our own neighborhoods.

Victor Solorzano, Pastor at Iglesia Vida en Victoria, joined us for chapel and encouraged us to press on in the midst of adversity and failure. He shared about his powerful experience pastoring a church plant and the importance of pursuing Christ at all costs. Philippians 3:12-14 “If we desire to press on and to make it to the end, we must make the focus of being like Christ our greatest devotion and dedication. We must invest in this all our energy, all our effort.”

"Love on Iranians, befriend lost Iranians, and earn the privilege to share the Gospel with them." Dr. Phil Hopkins, professor of missions, spoke on the misunderstood history and culture of Christian communities in Iran, encouraging listeners to pray and seek opportunities to share the gospel with Iranians. “Our ideas of Iran, in the US, are incomplete. And as result, naturally, our ideas about Christianity in Iran are incomplete.”

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