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Transform: Experience God's Healing | August 21, 2021

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ADVANCE is dedicated to Gateway Seminary’s mission to equip leaders who expand God’s kingdom. ADVANCE centers all over North America and in a few international locations provide classes at a post-high school level to train effective Christian leaders for the churches of many people groups.

Depending on location, Gateway ADVANCE centers offer classes in English, Spanish, Korean, Burmese, Haitian, Hmong, Karen, Khmer, Mongolian, Russian, Swahili, Thai and Vietnamese.

Why ADVANCE centers?

Gateway Seminary’s ADVANCE centers began with the mission to provide accessible ministry training at a post-high school level. Since 1980, dozens of ADVANCE centers have offered affordable, quality education to ministry leaders across the United States and around the globe.

ADVANCE centers are established under a cooperative agreement between Gateway Seminary and a local Southern Baptist church, association or state convention. To establish a new ADVANCE center, please fill out and submit the ADVANCE Center Application form, along with a $35 application fee. If you have questions, contact us at the address below.

If you feel that you are qualified to be an ADVANCE instructor, please fill out and submit the ADVANCE Instructor Application Form.

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Academic Programs

ADVANCE programs offer three levels of education:

Ministry certificates are made up of 12 hours of coursework (four classes) that focus on a specific area of ministry. Depending on location, ADVANCE has 17 available certificates. Learn more.

Ministry diplomas are made up of 24 hours of coursework (eight classes) including the 12 hours necessary for a ministry certificate, plus 12 hours of introductory biblical studies courses. ADVANCE offers 15 diplomas. Learn more.

Ministry leadership diplomas are made up of 48 hours of coursework (16 classes) including the 12 hours necessary for a Ministry Certificate, 12 hours for a Christian Leadership Certificate, and 24 hours of introductory and intermediate biblical study courses. ADVANCE offers 13 diplomas. Learn more.

Ministry Certificate Ministry Diploma Ministry Leadership Diplomas
Christian Ministry Christian Ministry Christian Ministry
Introduction to Christian Studies Christian Studies Transformational (Bible) Teaching
Intermediate Christian Studies Transformational (Bible) Teaching Pastoral Ministries
Transformational (Bible) Teaching Introduction to Christian Leadership Church Planting
Christian Leadership Pastoral Ministries Peer Counseling
Pastoral Ministries Church Planting On Mission
Church Planting Peer Counseling Church Education
Peer Counseling On Mission Chaplaincy
On Mission Church Education Discipleship
Mission Studies Chaplaincy Children's Ministry
Church Education Discipleship Music Ministry
Chaplaincy Children's Ministry Women's Ministry
Discipleship Music Ministry Preaching
Children's Ministry Women's Ministry
Music Ministry Preaching
Women's Ministry