IMB Qualification Certificate

Focus Highlights

The IMB Qualification Certificate (I.Q.C.) is designed to fulfill the minimum theological coursework required for appointment by the International Mission Board, SBC. These courses can be taken in three stages if desired:
1) the Basic IMB Qualification Certificate is comprised of 12 hours of biblical/ theological foundations required for appointment as an apprentice missionary; 2) an additional eight hours of mission studies completes the Advanced IMB Qualification Certificate and meets the requirement for 20 hours of study before appointment as a career missionary; and 3) an additional ten hours of study for those who will serve as field leaders is available as the Leadership IMB Qualification Certificate. The IMB guidelines are specific regarding the biblical/ theological foundation coursework, while the remaining courses have been carefully selected by our faculty to provide the student with a firm foundation in the faith as well as vocational preparation for international missions deployment. Although the I.Q.C. addresses IMB educational requirements, it is not limited to those preparing to serve in that organization. All courses taken for master’s credit can be applied to Gateway master’s degree programs. The IMB Qualification Certificate is offered at all Gateway Seminary campuses and online. All courses are fully accredited and applicable for other degree programs.

Ministry Path




Baccalaureate degree or higher (Persons seeking IMB appointment but not meeting the prerequisite for master’s degree-seeking status may take the courses as diploma students).