Diploma in Educational Leadership

Focus Highlights

The Diploma in Educational Leadership (Dp.E.L.) is a two-year, 49 credit-hour program that prepares students for non-preaching professional ministry positions in church and parachurch organizations. The Dp.E.L. is available at the Los Angeles campus and online.

Ministry Path

Christian education minister; family ministries; church school administrator; or age-specific ministries such as preschool, youth, or college.

Why a Dp.E.L. at Gateway Seminary?

The Dp.E.L. shares the exact coursework of the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, but is intended for students who may not have an undergraduate degree. It shares the same course objectives as the M.A.E.L.:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of Scripture, theology, hermeneutics, and church history.
  • Demonstrate Christlikeness through personal Bible study and interaction within the Christian community.
  • Know the theoretical base for Christian educational leadership.
  • Demonstrate competence in practical skills for Christian educational leadership. These include effective communication, team building, conflict resolution, evangelism, discipleship, creating and evaluating curriculum, administration, and embracing cultural diversity.
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively lead in Christian educational ministry.


High school diploma or GED.