Master of Theological Essentials

Master of Theological Essentials

The Master of Theological Essentials (MTE) provides a foundation for Christian thought. Students learn the biblical story from Genesis to Revelation, develop essential theological skills, and apply those skills in a ministry environment. 

Course Requirements

These courses make up the theological core of all of Gateway's other master's degrees which allows students to transfer the MTE's required 36 credit-hours to another master's program before or after completing the degree.

Old Testament Introduction I&II New Testament Introduction I&II Church History I&II
Christian Theology I&II Christian Ethics Biblical Hermeneutics
Baptist Heritage & Practice Theological Field Education

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Application Information

Why a Master of Theological Essentials?

Ministry Path

The MTE does not attempt to prepare student for a specific vocational role in the church, but seeks to provide the biblical and theological foundation needed for all ministry. In addition, the MTE degree requirements intentionally overlap with several 2-year specialized master’s degrees (MACE, M.G.E., M.A.I.S., M.A.C.C., M.T.S.) and with the M.Div., allowing a student who completes the M.T.E. to then progress to several degrees which provide focused vocational ministry preparation.

What will I learn?

The MTE will enable students to:

• Exhibit an introductory graduate-level understanding of the Bible's content, contexts, structure, and message; and demonstrate the ability to conduct solid research with a goal of properly applying the Bible to modern life.
• Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the Christian historical, theological, and ethical frameworks commonly held in the believers' church tradition to sustain ministerial leadership to God's glory.
• Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the Christian ethical framework commonly held in the believers' church tradition to sustain ministerial leadership to God's glory.
• Understand and establish appropriate life and ministry focus, priorities, and boundaries.
• Identify and affirm God’s shaping of the student as to calling, ministry giftedness, strengths and growth edges, and personality dynamics.

Catalog Information

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Degree Description

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Master's by Exception

Gateway Seminary will consider applicants lacking an accredited undergraduate degree for admission to its basic master's degrees. A student must request admission under this provision in writing through the Office of Enrollment and may initiate this request only after all qualifying criteria have been met:

•  Applicants must demonstrate their ability to do graduate-level work by entering the Seminary as a diploma student and by completing at least 15 hours of Gateway Seminary coursework required in the master’s degree sought (at least 6 hours of introductory courses in New Testament, Old Testament, history, or theology) with a minimum GPA of 3.2. Electives, transfer credits and ADVANCE courses may not be used to satisfy this requirement.

•  This provision will not be granted to previous students who graduated with diploma degrees.