Master of Theological Studies

Master of Theological Studies

Focus Highlights

The Master of Theological Studies (MTS) is a two-year, 49 credit hour foundational program. Of the required hours, 9-10 are reserved for electives so that students can focus on what is most important to their ministry preparation. The MTS is available at all Gateway Seminary campuses and online.


Students who desire a more direct route to doctoral studies can pursue a Master of Theological Studies with a concentration in Biblical Studies or Theological Studies. These extended MTS concentrations commit elective hours to biblical studies, biblical languages, and biblical and systematic theology in order to further prepare students to conduct and present in writing significant biblical and theological research.

Ministry Path

The MTS degree is designed to meet basic theological needs for effective service, primarily in volunteer positions.

Why a MTS at Gateway Seminary?

MTS graduates will have demonstrated growth in Christian living, thinking, service, and leadership through the ability to do the following:

  • Exhibit an introductory graduate-level understanding of the Bible's content, contexts, structure, and message; and demonstrate the ability to conduct solid research with a goal of properly applying the Bible to modern life.
  • Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the Christian historical, theological, and ethical frameworks commonly held in the believers' church tradition to sustain ministerial leadership to God's glory.
  • Articulate and practice personal and church-based evangelism and discipleship.
  • Understand and establish appropriate life and ministry focus, priorities, and boundaries.
  • Identify and affirm God’s shaping of the student as to calling, ministry giftedness, strengths and growth edges, and personality dynamics. 


A regionally accredited bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

Master's by Exception

Gateway Seminary will consider applicants lacking an accredited undergraduate degree for admission to its basic master's degrees. A student must request admission under this provision in writing through the Office of Enrollment and may initiate this request only after all qualifying criteria have been met:

•  Applicants must demonstrate their ability to do graduate-level work by entering the Seminary as a diploma student and by completing at least 15 hours of Gateway Seminary coursework required in the master’s degree sought (at least 6 hours of introductory courses in New Testament, Old Testament, history, or theology) with a minimum GPA of 3.2. Electives, transfer credits and ADVANCE courses may not be used to satisfy this requirement.

•  This provision will not be granted to previous students who graduated with diploma degrees.