Master of Theological Studies

Master of Theological Studies

Focus Highlights

The Master of Theological Studies (MTS) is a two-year, 49 credit hour foundational program. Of the required hours, 9-10 are reserved for electives so that students can focus on what is most important to their ministry preparation. The MTS is available at all Gateway Seminary campuses and online.

Ministry Path

The MTS degree is designed to meet basic theological needs for effective service, primarily in volunteer positions.

Why a MTS at Gateway Seminary?

MTS graduates will have demonstrated growth in Christian living, thinking, service, and leadership through the ability to do the following:

  • Demonstrate an introductory graduate level knowledge and understanding of the Bible's content, structure, message, and interpretation in relation to its literary, theological, historical, cultural, and canonical backgrounds.
  • Demonstrate competence in biblical research, in applying principles of biblical interpretation, and in using appropriate and relevant sources with a goal of properly interpreting and applying the Bible to modern life.
  • Outline and assess the major events, persons, and literature in the history of Christianity, including the development of Baptists within the wider Christian traditions.
  • Demonstrate competence in historical research and in the ability to apply theological method to articulate and assess Christian truth using appropriate sources.
  • Articulate classic categories/issues in Christian theology and express the believers' church position relative to those over against other major Christian and non-Christian views.
  • Identify and affirm God's shaping of the student as to calling, ministry giftedness, strengths and growth edges, and personality dynamics.
  • Understand and establish appropriate life and ministry focus, priorities, and boundaries.
  • Articulate and practice personal and church-based evangelism and discipleship.


A regionally accredited bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.