Diploma in Theological Essentials

Focus Highlights

Gateway diploma programs allow a person lacking an undergraduate degree to gain access to curriculum providing ministry preparation but without admission into a master’s degree program. The Diploma in Theological Essentials (Dp.T.E.) is intended to provide core theological training, primarily for lay ministry leaders or ministry leaders receiving vocational training in a church setting or in another academic setting. The diploma program meets the expressed needs of churches and students requesting a “shorter” program similar in size to traditional diploma and master’s degrees in other disciplines, and focused on core biblical and theological training commonly included in an M.Div. degree, but often unavailable in church-based vocational ministry training.

Ministry Path

The Dp.T.E. does not attempt to prepare students for a specific vocational role in the church, but seeks to provide the biblical and theological foundation needed for all ministry.


High school diploma or GED.