Financial Aid FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions 

What if I already have another scholarship award coming from a source outside of the seminary?
Gateway requests disclosure of any/all pending financial aid. The Seminary reserves Financial Aid Program funds primarily for students without such assistance. Students who receive scholarship funds from external sources must disclose that information.  External funds are applied to tuition or other allowable costs first, then any Gateway scholarship funds are applied.  Students who are being sponsored by their church or other organization should submit a Sponsorship Agreement form before the payment deadline.
Will the seminary defer my federal loans from my undergraduate degree?
Yes, Gateway cooperates with federal authorities for loan deferment status. Contact the Registrar's Office for further information/documentation.
Is there a special scholarship for church planters?
The Caskey Church Planting Scholarship helps funds SBC master's level students at Gateway Seminary who are either currently serving in a church plant or committed to serving in a church plant upon graduation. Apply through the standard financial aid application!
I heard that Gateway offers scholarships for entering Journeyman/ISC students?
Gateway is committed in support of the sacrifice and calling of mission personnel. Entering students who are returning Journeyman/ISC or MSC/U2-C2 missionaries may qualify for tuition assistance through the Caskey Mission Experience Scholarship, depending on eligibility. Information for this special entering student scholarship is available through the Student Services office. 
What else can I do to help cover the cost of seminary?
There are lots of options! Click here to learn about some of them. In addition, you may consider writing support letters to individuals who have encouraged and supported your call to ministry leadership.
I missed the financial aid deadline. Am I still eligible to apply?
Yes! You can apply and it’s possible that you can still be awarded a scholarship. It’s always best to apply and we will evaluate your application in light of available funding.
Is my financial aid issued for a year or just for a semester?
Typically, financial aid awards are assigned for a particular academic year and for specific terms in that year. When awards are initially granted, students will be notified if the award is for fall, spring, summer, or for all three terms.
Will my spring award be affected if I am unable to attend during the fall?
Non-enrollment for a semester cancels out the award for that semester only. So if you fail to enroll for the fall, your spring amount is still available. However, unused funds do not "roll over" to other semesters or academic years. 
Can I use my scholarship money to pay for my campus rent or other charges?
The Gateway Financial Aid Program exists for tuition and registration-related fees.  It does not apply to late fees, housing, books, or living expenses.  
Why does the seminary not offer full program loans to cover my education, then let me pay it back after I graduate—like my undergraduate loans?
We prefer all Gateway students graduate with no debt to the institution. Far too many students are hampered for years with unmanageable educational loans. It's a matter of stewardship. However, the seminary does offer payment options on a semester-by semester basis. Contact the seminary Business Office for further details.
I am a veteran. Can I use VA education benefits for seminary tuition?
Contact the Registrar's Office for more information.  
What if I have a business office hold on my account? Does this affect my scholarship award?
Yes, in order to remain eligible for financial aid you must maintain good standing with all seminary accounts.  In most cases, your account balance must be clear in order to register for classes and utilize Gateway scholarship aid.  
If financial aid amounts are assigned during the summer and my financial situation changes during the semester, is there any way to re-evaluate my award amount for additional aid?
It is not likely that we could adjust your aid in mid-semester, as all financial calculations are conducted on an annual basis. We suggest you speak directly to the VP of Enrollment and Student Services and explore your options.   
I hope to get accepted into a doctoral program at Gateway. Does the Seminary Financial Aid Program apply to Advanced Studies?
Scholarship resources for doctoral studies are limited. For information, contact the Ph.D. office or D.Min. office directly.
Ph.D.: (909-687-1631)
D.Min.: (909-687-1609)