Loans and Other Financial Options

Commercial Educational Loan Products

Gateway Seminary does not recommend indebtedness for seminary tuition or educational expenses. However, some students faced with difficult financial situations do turn to commercial lending institutions. In such cases, the seminary suggests that students research such decisions carefully and chose institutions that specialize in educational loan products, that represent reputable companies, and that offer flexible deferment/interest options. For consultation on commercial loan information, contact the Student Services Office at .

What about Federal Student Loan Programs?

Currently, Gateway Seminary does not participate with Federal Title IV educational funding programs or loans, including Stafford and PLUS loans. However, the Seminary does function as a qualified deferral agent for previous loan programs in order for graduate students to delay loan repayment until graduate degrees are complete.

Other Financial Options

Most students need employment in order to pay for their seminary education and living expenses. For the single student, it is not uncommon for him/her to take classes full-time, work part-time in a secular position, and minister as part-time staff at a local church. For the married student, most often the spouse works full-time in the community to support the family.

Payment Plan

The Seminary offers the option of making tuition payments over the length of a semester. In order to qualify, a student must be registered for at least five credit hours and be in good financial standing. Qualifying students may defer semester tuition and fees through four monthly installments. The first installment, plus the $50 Deferred Payment Fee, is due at registration. Applications may be obtained from the Business Office at the Los Angeles Campus-Ontario or your regional campus and must be submitted two weeks prior to the beginning of classes. Deferred tuition payments are not available during the Summer term.

Secular Employment (Ontario Campus)

Part-time and full-time employment is readily available in Southern California. The most common part-time positions include clerical and office work, retail, landscaping and yard work, house cleaning, childcare, and personal care. Although many full-time positions are clerical or secretarial positions, there are also many professional opportunities such as teaching, accounting, computer programming, etc. Dozens of Southern California employment opportunities are posted on our seminary online Job Board.

Church/Ministry Employment (Ontario Campus)

Many churches in Southern California depend on students and volunteers for staff and ministry leadership. Openings for part-time ministry abound, especially in the areas of youth ministry and worship leadership. Many opportunities exist for multicultural ministry, particularly with Hispanic congregations. Most churches assist with ministry expenses and provide a monthly stipend. A few churches are able to provide an ample salary for both school and living expenses. Full-time positions may come available, especially in the pastoral ministry, but these are not as common as part-time staff positions. Ministry positions are also posted through the Job Board.

Campus Employment (Ontario Campus)

All enrolled students have equal opportunity to apply for any seminary position open to student applicants. Part-time campus positions come available nearly every semester. Usually, these jobs can be found in the library, mailroom, and varied administrative offices. Gateway faculty often engage paid teaching assistants. Occasionally, full-time secretarial and office support positions are open to student or student spouse applicants. Contact the Director of Human Resources concerning available positions. Currently, Gateway offers no intentional work-study program.