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Diploma in Intercultural Studies

Focus Highlights

The Diploma in Intercultural Studies (Dp.I.S.) is a 36 credit hour study program for students involved in multicultural, multiethnic work both domestically and internationally. The Dp.I.S. is designed to offer training to those called into ministry, who normally have rich life and career experience, but lack an undergraduate degree. The course content of this diploma focuses on biblical-theological knowledge as well as cultural learning, analysis, and adaptation. It seeks to prepare graduates to impact a world for Christ that is increasingly urban and culturally diverse.

Ministry Path

The Diploma in Intercultural Studies is designed for those who intend to serve as bi-vocational ministers, lay leaders in urban ministries, cross-cultural workers, or community development staff. It is also appropriate for Christians who desire to be equipped to live out their faith more effectively in a secular setting and impact their communities with the gospel.

Why a Dp.I.S. at Gateway Seminary?

The Dp.I.S. is intended for students who may not have an undergraduate degree. The Diploma in Intercultural Studies degree with enable students to:

  • Gain a biblical, theological, and historical foundation related to Christian ministry and the peoples of the earth. (S1112, S1113, S1312, S1313, L1111, L1112, L1211, L1212)
  • Understand worldviews, cultures, and the challenge of contextualizing the gospel in domestic and international contexts. (I1112, I1113)
  • Develop leadership skills in multicultural contexts through increased cultural awareness and communication skills. (I1114, I2140)


High school diploma or GED.