Healthy Families!  Low-cost medical and dental insurance for children/families through the state Health Department. More info at or (800) 880-5305. 

Medi-Cal (California Medicaid Provider). Medi-Cal services heath care for low-income residents. Application can be a complicated process but the benefits are worth it. Start with info at

Kaiser Children's Health Plan is a low-cost Kaiser insurance for uninsured children ($15 month). Call (800) 464-4000. For more info and forms, log on to

Blue Cross of California offers affordable healthcare. General info and current rates also available through

Consumer Benefits offers a variety of renewable medical insurance options for students at reasonable rates. Check out the information at or call (800) 544-9505.

Insurance Services of America is a Christian organization offering low cost short-term major medical coverage for persons in transition. Check them out at or call (800) 647-4589. Mission teams and international workers should also check with Good Neighbor Insurance at for trip/life insurance. 

International Student Insurance is a specialized insurance agency selling health and travel insurance, at affordable rates, to students from around the world. Check them out at or (877) 758-4391.

Medi-Share is a great Christian Care cooperative offering an affordable, biblical-based approach to health care costs. Check them out at or call (800) 772-5623.

Associated Insurance Plans International is a leading insurance broker with plans for US citizens and international students covering medical, dental, vision and drug needs. Check them out at

This is a brief list of potential insurance resources available and being listed does not serve as an endorsement of these businesses by Gateway Seminary.