Student Ethics


Gateway Seminary is a Southern Baptist Convention institution. Admission policies assume students have been identified as current or prospective ministry leaders by announced intent, proven conduct in accordance with Christian standards set forth in the Bible, and unqualified church approval. Students are briefed at orientation on conduct policies/regulations and new students are required to sign the Seminary Ethical Conduct Standards document.

The Seminary reserves the right to withdraw at any time the enrollment of any student whose quality of performance, active church involvement, personal and ethical conduct, or financial status is deemed unsatisfactory. It is required that students who have given evidence of a divine call, are preparing for the Christian ministry, and have sought entrance into an institution administered by a Board of Trustees elected by the Southern Baptist Convention shall conduct themselves in a manner deemed by the Seminary as conduct becoming a Southern Baptist minister. The Seminary shall initiate disciplinary action should standards of personal and ethical conduct be violated. In this context, the Seminary fully expects students to follow courses of conduct that are compatible with the announced policies and resolutions of the Southern Baptist Convention.