If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. Therefore, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.

- Romans 14:8

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Shared Memories and Thoughts

Lisa was the recruiting poster for what we want Gateway graduates to be. She had two degrees from Gateway, was a Crews Presidential Leadership Award winner, served for many years as an international missionary, and then became a faculty member. She was amazing! As a friend, I appreciated her loyalty and approachability. We worked on some challenging and controversial things together and she was always kingdom-centered and mission-focused. We will miss her ready smile, positive attitude, and passionate leadership. I am so delighted I appointed her to lead the Kim School, if only for a few weeks, which will add to her leadership legacy among us.

- Jeff Iorg, President of Gateway Seminary

Lisa was one of the most passionate Christians I have known. She was one who used her short life to the fullest. We will miss her dearly, but her legacy of sharing the gospel, being a multicultural advocate, and passion for teaching will stay with us all forever. She is enjoying her heavenly reward and we will press on to continue her legacy of making everyday count for the Gospel.

- Ann Iorg

I knew Lisa for many years. First as a student at Golden Gate who had a passion for missions, a hunger to learn and serve, and a beautiful singing voice that she delighted to use for the worship of our God. Then I knew her as a graduate who invested her life in the service of the Kingdom of God. As an "M" serving in a closed country for many years she demonstrated a willingness to risk all in order to see the salvation of all. Then as VP of Academics I had the honor of participating in the process of bringing her back to serve at Golden Gate to inspire and train the next generation of persons committed to serving God internationally and cross-culturally. As a faculty member, fellow-servant and colleague. she consistently exhibited the devotion, gifting, and professionalism that characterized every phase of her life. I was so looking forward to witnessing the service and leadership that she would demonstrate as the recently-appointed Director of the Kim School of Global Missions. Lisa will be missed for a multitude of reasons. We do not understand the timing, but submit to God's will. We grieve her absence, but rejoice in her presence with the Lord. Thanks be to God for the wonderful people like Lisa that He uses to bless our lives.

- Michael Martin, Vice President for Academic Services

When I heard I was so shocked that my whirlwind colleague was gone so quickly. It took a few hours to grieve, but not for her. Lisa is before the King who sits on the throne and raising her beautiful voice in song. I imagine she has already sung with two language choirs. She will probably meet Charlotte Diggs Moon in the coming days, with whom she shared so many qualities. For us who are left behind, we need to remember that this bright and focused woman spent her whole adult life following a passion to see Jesus glorified among the nations. Her "Here am I" life is a challenge to our student body to consider their response when they hear, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?"

- Don Dent, Baker James Cauthen Professor of World Missions at Gateway Seminary

Lisa Hoff was a vibrant, focused, and driven young woman when I first processed her IMB application to go to Asia for the first time all those years ago. Her passion for her people group was contagious. Never dreaming that we would be colleagues at Gateway was a blessing from the start. In overseeing the internship program at Gateway, the normal rule was that faculty would not serve as field mentors for students due to the extra demand that was required in meeting with students for an hour a week for two semesters. She was the first when one of our students wanted to focus on Lisa's long-time people group. It stirred her heart as she assisted another young woman to love and engage her beloved people group. Her passion and commitment to the Lord Jesus along with her infectious smile will be missed.

- Glenn Prescott, Director of Theological Field Education and Chair of Leadership Formation at Gateway Seminary.

Lisa's passion for people from every nation to know Jesus was unmatched and contagious. She was an incredibly capable scholar and practitioner. She was an effective leader, trainer of leaders and an encouragement always to others. Our whole family knows and loves Lisa as a friend and family in Jesus!

- Eddie and Myrla Pate

Dr. Lisa Hoff was one of the most compassionate people you will ever meet. She was spunky, well-traveled, and loved to offer Christ to the world. Her friends referred to her as "Lottie Moon" because she was a single woman who was fluent in Mandarin and loved the Chinese people. I had the privilege of serving on several faculty committees where we had to tackle complicated issues involving race. We fought in the same trenches on the same team. We also served in a committee addressing plagiarism in intercultural settings. Dr. Hoff has championed the racial, intercultural, and global issues at Gateway – I always admired her for that. When we lived in the faculty housing in Mill Valley, my family would dog-sit her beloved "Jaxson." My heart is grieved! Oh, Lisa, how I miss you already, but I know my thoughts are shared by many. I take comfort in knowing that you are now in eternity with Christ in heaven.

- Chris Chun, Professor of Church History at Gateway Seminary 

Lisa made an incredible impression on me right away. When I joined Gateway, she gave me a role model to look up to as a woman on faculty. She was dedicated, passionate, capable, and articulate. At the same time, she was thoughtful, caring, and quick to invest into the lives of others - including my own. It was her life's aim to make Christ known to all nations. In one of the last conversations I has with Lisa, she expressed a renewed energy from God saying that we at Gateway should always be about the greatest thing - the main thing - the Great Commission. She embodied that. I pray we embrace that responsibility and honor as we celebrate her life lived for Christ.

- Kristen Ferguson, Director of Online Education and Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at Gateway Seminary

Lisa Hoff was full of fun and laughter brightening everyone’s day. She had a passion for Christ and for her students. She was a sweet friend and a respected colleague. She will be greatly missed! It is comforting to know that she is even more precious to God than to us. Lisa has been translated into His presence where there is everlasting joy.

- Shera Melick, Senior Professor of Educational Leadership at Gateway Seminary

I greatly appreciated how Dr. Hoff encouraged me and supported me as a new faculty member at Gateway. She always exhibited an approachable disposition and a friendly smile. She embodied the best of Gateway—clear Gospel work across cultural and ethnic and language barriers. I was very proud when Gateway appointed her to lead the Kim School, and I know that she would have excelled in that role. But, we trust that the Lord's ways are best. Dr. Hoff leaves behind a remarkable legacy, and her life serves as a role model for many women and men interested in Gospel work.

- David Rathel, Associate Professor of Christian Theology at Gateway Seminary 

Lisa inspired people to love God and love the nations. She was a great scholar, leader, innovator, and professor. She loved others and wanted them to be fruitful. She was a great asset to the Kingdom and an encouraging presence in all venues of her life. I miss her already.

- Allan Karr, Associate Director, Doctor of Ministry Program and Professor of Leadership Formation at Gateway Seminary

I knew Lisa first as a student and then, of course, as a colleague. As fellow natives of Washington, D.C., we felt a special connection - coming to Christ and growing as young disciples on the same soil with similar cultural influences. Lisa was and is the best of us. Seeing graduates like her go on and serve Christ as she did made service at Gateway deeply gratifying and rewarding.

- John Shouse, Senior Professor of Christian Theology at Gateway Seminary

Like others, I have known Lisa since she was my student in the 90's. Much has been rightly said about Lisa: cross-cultural missions, strong intellect, generous colleague, joyful, compassionate, deep Christian. She was all those things. She was also passionate about justice for women around the world - her research and heart was not only for the eternal life of women but their earthly life as well especially those made vulnerable by circumstance and culture- seeking justice in economic, social, and health and safety spheres. She cared. Her presentation to the Faculty at the 2019 Retreat was a call to this justice. The conversations along those lines she and I shared were always time well spent. As I look across at her picture, her smile radiates as it always did and always will. We were indeed blessed to have Lisa among us.

GP Arbino, Professor of Archaeology and Old Testament Interpretation

In the same week two women died: one leaving an unforgettable legacy unparalleled by any other in our country, and the other leaving unfinished work as a pioneer of female leadership in our Convention. For two generations RBG fought for the advancement of women in our country while Dr. Hoff fought for less than one generation for the advancement of the Kingdom of God on two continents.

As a fellow female faculty member, I watched Lisa methodically prepare herself for leadership alongside other men and women in the Southern Baptist community - as she strategically offered herself in decision making bodies; as she patiently waited for the right moments to move into institutional leadership – and with excitement as I saw her named as the new Director of the Kim Faith School of Missions – a position she held for less than 2 months. I am grateful to Lisa for the many personal and professional sacrifices she made to further God’s Kingdom among the Nations.

- Dr. Debbie Steele, Director of the Master of Arts in Christian Counseling, Gateway Seminary

Lisa was a humble servant who had a passion for learning. I first met Lisa in 2006 when she was a PIR and I was a full-time professor at the Mill Valley campus. She impressed me with her desire to learn as much as to teach. Our paths crossed very little since then until August of 2019 when Lisa and I co-taught the Doctor of Ministry Spiritual Formation Seminar. During the seminar Lisa's sweet spirit, humble demeanor, and desire to learn from both me and the DMin candidates was always evident. She will certainly be missed by Gateway and all those she has impacted both inside and outside the classroom.

- Greg Cole

Dr. Hoff was the first prof I spoke with at GS, and her continued advice and encouragement as my academic advisor was such a blessing. I feel so fortunate to have been able to have so many classes with her. Her encouragement, wisdom, and partnership in ministry will have such an influence on my ministry for years to come. I am saddened by her sudden passing, but praising God that she is in now worshiping in the presence of Jesus.

- Michael Johnstone

What a loss for Gateway, while a gain for heaven’s host of faithful and true followers of Christ! Her student days preceded my tenure as Director of the Kim School but I was pleased to welcome her back as faculty as a colleague and eventually leader of the Kim School. She was immediately a true friend to students intent on Great Commission service. She also championed the place of cultural understanding in representing heaven and earth in Kingdom service. Her impact will follow her passing! With grief in Grace but rejoicing in her reward in the presence of her Savior.

- Ray Tallman, Senior Professor (Retired)

When I was fairly new to GGBTS, I was invited to attend the lunch part of a faculty meeting. I remember Lisa Hoff coming up to me when I walked in the door with a warm welcome. All of our interactions in the library have reflected that same warm, friendly attitude on her part. This is very sad. I'll miss seeing her in the library.

- Kenneth Litwak

I was shocked to read of Lisa’s death. What a strong advocate for missions, women’s justice and a role model for women in ministry. She will be greatly missed!

- Tim Fortescue

Dr. Hoff brought sunshine to very room, hope to every conversation and grace to every person. What an amazing lady!!!!!

- Dr. Joseph Bunce

I took Dr. Hoff's intro to Missions class at the Brea Campus in 2014. She inspired me to be mission-minded and to think strategically about missions. She opened my eyes to mission work around the world through her passion for Jesus.

Beyond just being a teacher, she also became a great friend. Whenever I would see her around campus, she would greet me with a kind smile and hello. The Gateway family is truly a family. We aren't just a disconnected group of students and faculty, but there is a bond that draws us closer through the Holy Spirit and through people like Dr. Hoff that create an atmosphere of love for the whole seminary.

- Josh Sanchez

Dr. Hoff was always a positive and loving presence at the seminary. She will be greatly missed.

- Alex Hopper

Dr. Hoff showed me how it was possible to be an effective cross-cultural missionary who engaged people's hearts AND minds with the gospel. She stands out for raising the bar for intellectual pursuit at Gateway Seminary. Dr. Hoff's passion for the lost of East Asia lives on.

- Jonathan Han

We haven't known each other such a long time, but I remember your smile and warm greeting. You were being patient with my broken English and tried your best to accept me. I saw your diligent and passionate heart to teaching and mission. I will remember your warm heart. Thank you Dr. Lisa Hoff.

- Sukyoung Jung

I hadn't known Dr. Hoff for too long when my husband and I had the opportunity to lead worship for a chapel service at Gateway 2 years ago, but she made a point to come find me after and tell me she was grateful to see us leading worship that day. She took the time to affirm me as a woman in leadership to continue being bold for Christ and to keep using the gifts He has given me. The next year she even invited my husband and I back to lead worship for the Intersect Conference which her department hosts annually. It was truly an honor to serve with Dr. Hoff. I know God used her life in so many ways; I'm grateful He used her in mine.

- Candace Hunt - Donor Information Coordinator at Gateway Seminary

I remember when I would accompany her beautiful singing for Graduations, Convocations, and any regular event. Being able to praise our Lord Jesus Christ through hymns together are memories I will never forget. She showed me that no matter how much education you have under your belt, nothing compares to worshiping Jesus Christ in Spirit and Truth.

- Anonymous

I met Dr. Hoff in 2006, when she was then the professional-in-residence for then-Golden Gate. From that first conversation in the seminary library, she exuded a joy in Christ. She was inspiring. When she completed her doctorate, I stopped by her office to congratulate her, and to ask what advice she would give to a then-student in the PhD program at the seminary. She encouraged me to stick with it through the hard times, to lean on others for help, and to stay encouraged in Jesus. What a blessing she was! What a loss for those who knew her. Thank you, Lord, for Lisa Hoff and her impact on me, and on so many more.

- Adam Christman

Many special memories of being with Lisa in East Asia as her friend and supervisor. Lisa was a brilliant strategist with a sharp mind. But even more important, her gentle spirit and love for people shone brightly as she reflected God's love and grace to others.

- Larry Phillips

She is a great teacher. Dr. Hoff strongly influenced my spiritual life through an intercultural communication course. Her teachings helped me become humble and balance my understanding of different cultures and application in ministry settings. With abundant experience and understanding of Asian cultures, she kindly guided me to learn how to be a minister in the cross-cultural ministry. I enjoyed talking with you in Mandarin. I miss you, Dr. Hoff. Now you are with the Lord. I hope you are enjoying God's eternal glory, love, and abundance. We will see you, later.

- John Kim

As a student I loved Dr. Hoff’s charisma and joy. Her accomplishments as a prestigious, female professor in the Southern Baptist higher education realm inspired and encouraged me. Her loss is deeply felt.

- Beth Daniel

I’m so sad to hear of her passing. My first semester at Seminary, Dr.Hoff, just coming back from the mission field, taught a class on reaching urban city in Asia. Through that semester, I got to hear her heart for the unreached people group of Mongolia and Central China. I remembered how she would come alive sharing about how her mentees are excelling in the work of the Lord. I also heard stories of her facing various difficulties living in a different country as a missionary. Her love and passion for Jesus inspired me. Dr. Hoff’s life example of giving it all for the sake of the Gospel will forever lives on in her students.

- Chinh Vu

Dr. Hoff was a compassionate, loving and committed follower of Christ. Her love and passion for Christ and excitement for sharing the Gospel among the nations was so evident, and her ability to communicate it to her students was contagious. At the same time, she had a humble spirit despite all of her achievements of excellence. She helped me see a necessary humility in mission work, as well as an excitement for the love of culture and people to reach them sake of the Gospel. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to be taught by her!

- Robert Uyeda

Dr. Hoff was a good friend. She understood unique cultures and celebrated the contributions that people brought to the table. Dr. Hoff will be missed for her desire to share the gospel in various physical and cultural contexts.

- Joe B. Kim

I was blessed to have Dr. Hoff as a professor, to serve alongside her as a staff member and mostly to call her a friend. She possessed a keen intellect, a global perspective and a distinct clarity in matters of the gospel. Her absence at Gateway will be felt for a long time, but I believe that absence will do what she did in life - equip and encourage people to share Christ. As we remember and celebrate her life, my hope and belief is we who knew her will steel ourselves for the difficult work of sharing the gospel. May we live as she did.

- Tyler Sanders

I’m a local Pastor. I remember meeting Dr. Hoff shortly after her relocation to the area. We asked her to speak during a conference on race and ethnicity. Sitting with her and learning from her was a very special moment. Her work on women and the church also proved to be vital and well-placed for me and our leadership. My staff and many women in my church were greatly impacted by her strength and courage to lead. We will be forever grateful for her. She will be dearly missed. 

- Ruben Reyes III

One of my first memories with Dr. Hoff was on a trip to the farmers market in San Rafael, which was then followed with Ice Cream at her house as she shared fruit she bought from the market. I was a new student then, and at the time she was the Professional in Residence. That was the beginning of many meaningful conversations about missions, ministry, and life in general.

She later became my professor when I took the Spiritual Warfare class that was connected to the Missions Conference. During that time I had experienced the death of my grandfather. She was very compassionate with me throughout that time even invited me over to her home to give me space to grieve.

Even after being in her class, a friendship continued where in the times we were able to visit with each other over a meal, or catch up through Facebook she was such a light and an encouragement. I remember sharing in her excitement when she shared the news with me of being a full time faculty at Gateway and being part of the Intercultural Studies program. She certainly had a beautiful heart to serve God and His people.

She will surely be missed, but can definitely claim "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." (2 Tim. 4:7).

- Reaiah Rose Santos Cubero

I received the news this afternoon via the Gateway Seminary e-newsletter. Terribly saddened by our loss of Lisa. She, Theresa Thompson, and I worked together in the Seminary's Continuing Education department with Don Simmons when it was inaugurated in 1996. I counted her a good friend and we had been in touch ever since, including just this last week, about new resource works on global trauma. Lisa Hoff was one of the most stellar Christians I have known, in her faithfulness, application of her abundant intellect, character, and kindness toward all.

- Brad Sargent

Lisa was one of my dear friends as we served in far flung places of East Asia. I was in the big city when she arrived as a two-year Journeyman. We crossed over at ILC before we both left in 1992. I thank God for Lisa’s daily honesty of her walk with God, her vulnerability with her heart, her clear processing of God’s good plans, her desire to make plans and then leave them to God to work out. She had a strong theology of suffering and sometimes through tears she was able to rejoice and trust God even when she didn’t understand.

Lisa often talked to me about her parents and brother. My deepest sympathies to her family.

Praising God today for our hope in Christ and that this was Lisa’s great hope also. Thanking God for those she has trained.

- Betsy Cunningham

While I never had Dr. Hoff in class, I had the privilege of taking my first ever trip to Asia with her on a Beyond Team in January 2017. While the trip was impressionable for many reasons, seeing the joy that exudes from Dr. Hoff in that ministry context was inspiring and will always stay with me. She was a role model for so many and I am grateful to have journeyed beside her these last four years. I'm thankful for her friendship and many lessons she taught along the way. Her smile and passion for life will be greatly missed, but I take comfort knowing she's in glory today.

- Bethany Rafferty

I definitely remember Lisa from seminary days when she was a student. She was always so bright, joyful and kind. A true treasure that will be missed.

- Anne Teagarden

She was my professor, mentor, and friend who I had the pleasure of sitting at her feet for years as part of the Master's of Intercultural Studies program and then as part of Team Intersect. I loved making her laugh because she had such an amazing laugh that brought light to the whole room. She taught me all of these classes to help me finish the degree but she was also there for me in my insecure moments of whether or not I could finish it and my Doctorate of Ministry. She somehow was more asian than me and made my whole team feel at home. In the year that I graduated with that MAIS degree she was like a mother to our class and made sure her babies got through our capstone projects all the way to the end. You simply can't replace someone like Dr. Hoff because there was nobody like Dr. Hoff but I am grateful that I knew she loved me and she knew that I loved her too and that will have to be enough until the day I get to see her in heaven again. Dr. Hoff, thanks for helping me to know Jesus even better through the many lenses that you taught me to look through and thank you for helping me to love bigger, people that I wouldn't have understood without your great tutelage. I will sorely miss you until that day of reunion in the light of Christ our Lord.

- Victor Chayasirisobhon

Dr. Lisa Hoff has been one of my heroes probably since 2007. When I first heard about her I was a student in a college ministry in New Mexico that had sent numerous students to work with her in East Asia. As a result, I had heard about this fierce but gentle woman of God who lived overseas and loved people deeply. I was blessed to finally get to meet her years later when she was the main speaker at a retreat for college students. I was so challenged by her love for people and I never forgot some of the stories she shared. I remember asking her advice for how to prepare myself for mission work and I shared about how I wanted to go to then-Golden Gate Seminary. I appreciate the wisdom she shared and how she encouraged me.

Fast forward several years later, I sensed God calling my wife and I to get serious and go visit Gateway Seminary. Lisa, unprompted, offered to spend the weekend with us and showed us around SoCal and told us all about living and doing ministry here. Later, when we moved out here she was one of the first guests we ever had in our apartment. I was pleased to got to know her better as my advisor, professor, and customer at the Gateway Cafe.

Lisa is one of my greatest heroes and I hope that I can live my life as well as she did. She's a big reason why I'm here at Gateway and God has used her life and ministry to call me to cross-cultural ministry leadership. I am confident of the great celebration that took place to receive her in heaven. Countless people will be there with her because of the immeasurable impact she's made. Some will be there because of people she's led to the Lord personally but many more will be there because of the countless people like me who have tried to follow her example of sharing the love Christ passionately with others. Few there are in this world who live so hard and so well as Lisa Hoff. Her beautiful smile, fiery passion, professional excellence, and her warm love for people will be greatly missed.

- Jeremy L.

Although I did not know Dr. Hoff for long, she was my advisor and professor. She a class this past summer called Multicultural Ministry. Through her teachings this class has impacted me on how I can reach the gospel in a cross-cultural context. Also, she taught me how important diversity is in churches and the richness it brings to a community. Dr. Hoff made a big impact on my life as I continue my pursuit of multiethnic ministry. She will greatly be missed.

-Zachary Luce

Words cannot explain the amazing life and legacy Lisa leaves behind. Lisa had a unique ability to mentor others without even knowing it. Her life’s work was centered on reaching the lost and teaching others on how to reach lost. Grateful to have known her over the past 12 years. 

- Jon Pate

I've been an online student through Gateway working on my masters in Intercultural Studies. I took a 1-week class on campus a few years ago and she took time with me to get lunch and share ministry experiences and encourage me in my studies. Her passion for Jesus and making Him known to every culture was evident. She was a fantastic trainer and teacher, and her impact will continue. Praise God she is worshiping in His presence now.

- Christina Ruiz

Dr. Hoff was my professor for three of my intercultural study classes. She helped me understand how believers intersect with various cultures and the diversity of leaders. She opened my eyes to the concept of “business as missions.” She taught with intelligence, experience, and passion for Christ. Her love for students was evident by how she poured into everything she did with excellence. Personally, she was more than a professor. She was a co-laborer in the gospel ministry and an example to follow. 

- Pete Ramirez

REST IN PEACE - RISE TO GLORY. We shared life with Lisa in East Asia and San Francisco. In recent years we served on the Shepherds Staff Board together. She hosted us in her home more than once. We shared a love of missions, of culture and good Chinese food. She made us better and challenged us in the best possible ways. Lisa was a strong, stirring voice - and we need more godly female voices in our denomination. We loved her. "The memory of the righteous is a blessing..." Proverbs 10:7a

- Scott and Beth (Raley) Harris

Dr. Hoff's depth of insight into cultures and her passion to contextualize the gospel to all peoples is what influenced me to become the missionary I am today. Her students continue to bear the torch that fell from her hands. "Well done, good and faithful servant." (Matthew 25:23)

- Anonymous

Lisa was a treasured friend and colleague. Always honest, kind, and encouraging. A faithful prayer partner and always ready for an adventure - we navigated a lot together. Deeply saddened to lose her but know she is with the Savior she has served and loved for so long. She inspires me still.

- Jennifer Peach

I had the privilege of working alongside Dr. Hoff for three years at Gateway Seminary. I remember often walking into her office and looking at all the beautiful artifacts and art she acquired on her many missionary trips. She would eagerly tell me stories about what each piece meant to her and what she loved most about each culture she encountered. Her smile spoke louder than her words as she recounted her adventures and what the Lord was - and still is - doing around the world. It was so evident that she loved Christ and loved others. She was a role model to all and will be greatly missed.

- Matt Lee, former Gateway student and staff

I remember her as my professor, and sister in God.
When I referred her as Dr. Hoff, she told me, "just call me Lisa" with a big smile. I loved being in her classes as well. Her strong, pure desire of serving God's people was so contagious, powerful. She helped me to see things I wasn't able to see before. Urgency. She urged us to recognize the imminent needs of sharing gospels for people who are not as fortunate as we are. I was excited to take her classes again since 2012 I graduated. I am deeply sad and miss her already, but I am thankful we can meet her again in Heaven. 

- Eun Hee Cowin

Dr. Hoff has been my professor for two classes for the past month and a half. In that short amount of time, she poured her heart into her teaching and time talking about missions with me. Our last, deeper conversation was about how we never know who we are mentoring--they could be the next Lottie Moon. I truly believe Dr. Hoff was mentoring so many of us and so many people that somewhere in the mix is the next Lottie Moon. I am grateful for the time God gave her to share the love and joy of Jesus with so many people around the world. 

- Maddie McGhan

Lisa often wanted to discuss how God's people were coming together to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. She was one of the few who had much to share, but was always glad to listen. She was an excellent teacher and mentor for young Christian workers. I often thought of those early days of teaching Maximizers together and discussing how to design research projects to further the Kingdom. Lisa will be greatly missed, but is experiencing the fullness of joy in the presence of the Savior.

- Hal C

I'm a brand new student here at Gateway so I've only known Dr Hoff for a couple of months, but she was the first professor that I met when I came to tour the campus, and she gave me a wonderful first impression of the school! Even through our limited interactions I would say that I have been blessed, inspired, and encouraged by her experience in service, her passion, and her example! 

- Bethany Breed

I was at Golden Gate in the late 90s with Lisa and we kept up with each other since then. She was incredibly kind, brilliant, loved God and loved people. She had penetrating insight into culture and mission and how the gospel transforms people and nations. I saw Jesus in her love for people and interest in her student and colleagues. The news of her passing was devastating and the global church has lost an amazing scholar, leader, and advocate.

- Alan Cross

Lisa Hoff was a woman after God's own heart. She loved all people, regardless of their culture, language, ethnicity, education, or anything else She was a partner in the beautiful mission that someday every knee will bow and every tongue confess Jesus as Lord. Lisa, we are already missing you.

- Anonymous

Our beloved Dr. Lisa Hoff, your precious time of teaching and serving at Gateway Seminary will remain in our heart and at Gateway Seminary faculty forever. You rest heavenly reign in Christ Jesus and praying for your remaining family members are to be comforted. Psalm 116:15 - Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. Matthew 5:4 - “ Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Sorry for lost.  

- Zam Khan Lian Joseph

I do not know what to say and I just enjoyed her class so much. I see her passion for me and my class and will miss you as a great teacher, Dr. Hoff! You left me great memories and your great passion is still with us.

- Changwoo Chung

Dr. Hoff made an impact on me while serving on a short term missions trip to Armenia in 2019 with our local church. She demonstrated for me what it truly means to be a Christ follower and how to share the gospel in both word and deed. She never complained even after suffering an injury while on the trip and always displayed joy. Just her desire to reach all different type of cultures encouraged me to live that way as well.

- Jeremy Louie

From the time I met Lisa a few years ago and she told me her story, I knew I was in the presence of a special woman of God. As our relationship continued to grow as a result of her becoming the first female member of our ministry's board or directors, my admiration, respect, and desire to learn from her increased immensely. She was always ready to respond quickly when I initiated contact with her. And her ability to respond with incredible wisdom and humility whenever I asked her a question or bounced an idea off of her was unique. Even as my heart is heavy at the news of her passing, I'm thankful for God gracing me with the privilege of getting to know this woman after His own heart prior to calling her in to His presence.

- Jeff Jackson, Shepherd's Staff Mission Facilitators

I met Lisa 18 years ago as a college student hoping to make an impact sharing my faith overseas with other students. Her life encouraged and inspired me then, and still does now. I then had the privilege of connecting with her in a ministry partnership setting, and observed her to be one of the finest team leaders and strategic thinkers I've ever met. Now, as a student at Gateway Seminary, I've known her as a professor, and friend, and have seen an unflinching love for Jesus and a desire that he be known among all peoples. I want to be like Lisa when I grow up. I want the men and women in the church I lead to have lives with that kind of focus and passion and love. May her tribe increase.  

- Kyle Walters, Pastor Mission Trails Church (San Diego) and Gateway Student

I met her my first year at GGBTS, and I remember thinking how mature and focused she was. We would worship at the missionary house with other students. I remember how she had such a beautiful voice, and how she worshipped with such abandon. After both of us being in Asia for years, I was thrilled when she came to teach at GGBTS because I knew she would give it her all to invest in the future of missions. I visited San Francisco from Singapore, and she met me for breakfast to encourage me in so many ways, as she always did. She came through Singapore to visit about 3 years ago, and we had such deep conversations about how important it is for women in particular to use our God-given gifts in missions, urban ministry, and so many other areas. She had me as a guest speaker to her urban class at Gateway, and she was always spotting female leaders to help increase their influence. She asked me to write an article on Singapore for the IJUT journal that she so loved. She loved God with her heart, soul, mind and strength, and she loved her neighbors as herself. There are so few humans who look as much like Jesus as Lisa did. Her legacy will live on in the countless lives that she pointed to Jesus.  

- Lori Adams-Brown

I had the privilege of working with Lisa on a women’s mission trip to East Asia in 2002! My team was immediately impressed with her passion for the lost, love of the culture, and command of the language. She opened the doors for us to serve in a variety of ways during our week. She was deeply respected by the local business people and educators as well as Christian leaders. I have enjoyed staying connected with her as the years have passed.

Though her sudden passing at such a young age is a huge loss, Lisa leaves a lasting legacy of faith across the world. Prayers for her family and the Gateway family!!!

- Rhonda Kelley

Lisa and I became friends when we both returned to academic studies after many years of ministry in separate fields. It was an honor to work along side her in ministry and a privilege to get to be her student for one semester! Her keen intellect along with her love of other cultures and genuine interest in other people made her both disarming and uniquely gifted to lead a gracious charge to make the gospel accessible to all. She helped change negative stereotypes and rewrite the narrative for women in ministry. She helped define new generation of Christian leaders who lived out the Great Commission--and she did it with such panache! I will miss her soprano voice and gifted readings of the Word-especially the Pauline Epistles. I will also miss her sense of humor, and her quick wit in the classroom-which was only rivaled by her quick compassion for her students. I will think of her every time I see a Nativity scene from another country, and I look forward to singing with her again one day!

- David Busch

Aloha from Aloha, Oregon! Wow! What a shock to hear of the passing of Dr. Hoff. When I first met Lisa in 2006, she was a Professional in Residence. Her warm and engaging spirit was so contagious! Lisa was one of the individuals that inspired me to be an English Teacher in East Asia after graduation from then Golden Gate Seminary!

Lisa's heart and passion for lost souls and to spread the Gospel to all the nations was so evident. Her legacy lives on in the hearts of the many individuals she touched over the years! After all, I have now moved from my home state of Honolulu, Hawaii to Portland, Oregon! May we take on Lisa' s example and let Jesus shine! My thoughts and prayers are with Lisa's family through this time of grief and loss. Many Blessings! 

- John Kuwaye

God alone knows the difficulty of losing someone as amazing as Dr. Hoff. I spent 10-days on mission with her in East Asia. She was the consummate professional and exemplified such dignity and grace in the performance of her assignment. Thank you Lord for blessing us Lisa for the time she was with us.

- Dr. J. Wayman Wells Jr. 

I got to visit Asia because of you, and it was nothing short of absolutely amazing thanks to your partnerships and wisdom from the Lord. The Lord's testimony is strong through you. All I can say is THANK YOU FOR SERVING THE LORD. So many people in heaven. So many people on Earth. You changed the world. Praise God!

- Rosemary Mitchell

Lisa lived for and loved all of us at S.F. Mandarin Baptist Church with all her heart and spirit, just like Jesus Christ our Lord. She impacted our youth and college students and our adult brothers and sisters with an exemplary life as one of our very beloved GGBTS students.

Lisa, we will miss you. The beloved members at S.F. Mandarin Baptist Church will never forget you and will always thank the Lord for you!! We'll see you in the New Heaven with our Lord!

- Rev. Wing Lem, English Pastor (retired), S.F. Mandarin Baptist Church

A woman and human being I would have loved to know more, learn more from, listen to more, and hang out with more. What a loss to souls in this world and what a gain for her. Everyone who knows how many plans she has had in her mind, for 2020, 2021, and many beyond, would want to fulfill for her, quantitatively, qualitatively, following Jesus, spreading the Gospel, loving everyone, making full use of every second of our lives for Him, just like she did, so that she smiles even wider, laughs even louder, in heaven, with our Lord...

- Margaret Liu

One of my first and last professors that taught me at Gateway. Dr. Hoff is faithful not only to serve the Lord but her students with every ounce of her time. Words can not describe how much she is missed...the grief but joy to know she is resting in the Lord’s arm. Wished we had more time to exchange conversations, to learn from her rich experience, to share laughter...Dr. Hoff, your legacy shall live on through what you have taught us and in many of your students’ memories. 

- Christy Thu

Thank you for your inspiration and your passion to see many understand their community well enough to be a true light for Jesus and a witness for the cross. I could say my friends and I were truly blessed to be your last Capstone students at Gateway before joining the ranks of the faithful in Heaven. You will be missed greatly.  

- Bong Abagon 

I will not forget the first time I met you, it was in a mission fellowship. You spoke Mandarin to me and I was surprised. Later, I learned about your work overseas, and my work were related. We had friends in common. A few weeks later, I was very frustrated and troubled by some things, and our friends in common asked me to talk to you.

I will not forget, when I decided to invite you to pray if you could be my TFE spiritual mentor. I was a little worried, after all the negative things I shared. But one day, you told me you could. We were so excited about this journey. When we were talking about further details, you said you want to practice Mandarin. And I said, It is me who needs to practice English. So we decided to do it bilingual. In this way, you told me your ministries, your stories in mission fields, your thoughts. I told you my life, my feelings, my thoughts.

I will not forget that we shared our life. Once, we talked about the style in your house, I am surprised that you chose different color for each of walls. I said it looks so good, and you said you love it, too.

I will not forget that we were emailing last evening. we discussed when we will meet this week. But you visited God this morning and decided that you won’t come back.

Although I know this is God's plan, I also know that the kingdom of God is too wonderful and beautiful to leave. The date of meeting we scheduled will come, but you are no longer here.

I believe your work on earth is finished. All the abilities and wisdom that God had given to you are perfectly used in your ministries, your teaching, your relationship with others. You gave us an example as a Jesus followers.

I miss you and will do. But I know I will meet you again, someday, sometime, in heaven.

- Mandy

Dr. Hoff was a constant encouragement and always pointed to Christ.

- Chris Malinowski 

Our family had a chance to spend a year as Dr. Hoff's neighbors at the Mill Valley campus and I had the privilege to serve as her colleague at GGBTS. We praise God's grace in Lisa's life, as she reflected God's truth and grace among colleagues, students and neighbors among all the nations. Now she is in the presence of perfect peace and joy of our Lord! 

- Mikko Sivonen, IMB worker, Academic Dean of Agricola Theological Institute, Finland

I had the privilege of serving on the field with Lisa many years ago and then taking a class with her in when she was PIR, and again recently in the DMin program. She believed in me and encouraged me even when I was young, immature, and knew little to nothing, and I will always be grateful to her. Her love for life, people, and Jesus were contagious, and while she was a team leader and a professor, she was also my friend. Her investment in others is one of eternal significance and will continue to bear fruit. 

- Ben H.

Through living in the same dorm, working in the same building, and being peers in classes at GGBTS, Lisa became a sweet friend. It was easy to see her passion for the Lord and love for peoples of E Asia. These were overflowing in Lisa’s life as a student. When we became colleagues overseas, Lisa’s perseverance for Christ and obedience first to Him were an example to those who served the Lord overseas. This obedience led her back to Gateway, where she had opportunity to impact the nations. I am sad to no longer walk on this earth with Lisa. I am rejoicing that she is now with our Savior praising Him for eternity.

- Mandy

I heard a lot about Dr. Hoff when my wife & I first arrived here nearly 4 years ago. She was known for being a tough professor but the workload was worth it because she was just that amazing of a professor. My goal was always to take one of her classes but it just never worked out in my schedule when she was off sabbatical. I also always wanted to go on a beyond trip with her, especially in Asia, so that I could see her in "her element" because I had heard she was a very different person on the field. But alas, God never ordained that to happen.

My experience with her was actually through my job that God blessed me with. Technology was NOT her thing, and I quickly learned that about her. However, I have always felt it my calling to show grace and to be patient with those that do not thrive in the things that come more natural to me because it is my hope and prayer that other will reciprocate that to me when there are things that come naturally to them but not to me. She always appreciated and seemed to value my patience and willingness to go the extra few steps with her to make sure everything worked for her the way she needed.

I did have the opportunity and privilege to follow and record her as she led her students through the streets of downtown Los Angeles for a video project she was working on. It turns out I did get to see her "in her element" after all. Her passion for the gospel and her passion for others to share that passion was evident in everything she did.

Over the years here I was blessed with many many other experiences where I was able to come alongside and use the gifts that God gave me to help make her shine the light of Christ so brightly. I am blown away and so privileged to be used by our great God to help enhance an amazing woman of God that talked the talk and walked the walk. After many great conversations with Dr. Hoff, I know that she was constantly amazed at how God chose to use her because she never could have guessed all the places God would take her and use her when she surrendered to Him so many years ago. I know that she would want everyone to know that God CAN and very much WANTS to use YOU in the same way to impact His kingdom. You just have to surrender.

- Trent Hopper, Audio Visual Specialist at Gateway Seminary and Current MDiv Student

Whether while a student at Gateway (GGBTS), in meetings as women both working within Southern Baptist seminary life, or simply in conversation as friends, Lisa always made me feel like I belonged and that my presence was valuable. I’m glad to have had the privilege of knowing Lisa, the impact her passing will be felt far and wide. 

- Courtney Veasey

Lisa had a gift for connecting with people. When she asked, "How are you?" she waited and listened for the answer and a conversation. She was not asking a passing question as a nicety or greeting, expecting the usual, "I'm fine. How are you?" in reply. When she had an HR question, she usually came in person and spent time chatting with me about life, work, family, fun, etc. I so enjoyed getting to know her and will miss her genuine, sweet, caring spirit.  

- Jennifer Palmer, Director of Human Resources at Gateway Seminary

Dr. Lisa Hoff,

During my years at the seminary, you taught me how to interculturally communicate, conduct enthnographic research and minister in postmodern settings. Your passion for missions, cultural diversity and His Kingdom have deeply touched my life as well as those who were mentored. Although we are in shock after hearing the sudden and unexpected news, we know that you are with the Lord. You will be greatly missed. Thank you for sharing your passions for His Kingdom on earth.

- Rus Ahn

We lived next door to Lisa in Mill Valley and she was the most precious neighbor, especially to our kids. Lisa always had a big smile on her face and showed the love of Jesus to us. She loved watching the kids and her dog Jaxon play together and generously gave gifts to our children from her overseas experiences. It was always a blessing to hear her share her heart for missions with the kids and it had a great impact. I also remember hearing the faint beautiful sounds of her piano playing which always brought a smile to my face as we passed by. She will be dearly missed, but I know she is worshipping at the feet our Savior now. Praise God for this precious woman's life!

- Holly Groza

In the short amount of time I had known her, Dr Lisa Hoff has made a deep impact and impression on me personally. She was one of the main reasons I chose to come to Gateway. When I first visited the campus, and was transitioning from life overseas, she was intentional in reaching out to me and creating a safe space where she not only listened to, but actively connected, to my story. I was beyond excited to learn from and have such a mentor in my life. She had a love and passion for Jesus and for bridging all peoples and cultures for the sake of Christ. What a light. What a need in such a dark and broken world. Although we grieve for this great loss, I don’t doubt a bit she’s immersed in perfect joy as she stands in the presence of the Father, because her life was marked by love for Him and for all peoples.

- Anna Han

We first met at a meeting Linda B put together at the Professional in Residence home back in 2006. It was a gathering of women in ministry. Lisa and I were able to share some cultural understanding on the matter of the increasing amount of men in East Asia identifying as gay. After this meeting we never did talk again though from a distance I often saw her and we would wave. Many times I saw her in her Kim wing office late at night as a patrolled the campus. I too am shocked at her death yet I do believe she is present with the LORD <><

- Charlene E. Hios

My condolences and prayers go out to the Hoff family. My heart sank when I found out that Dr. Hoff passed away...I will always be inspired by her passion for missions. Her heart for reaching the lost really touched me and encouraged me to also have a vision for missions. She made a huge impact on me during an intensive winter course which only lasted one week long. That's some powerful imprint! I'll never forget her class. Dr. Hoff, thank you for your faithfulness and imparting the wisdom and experiences God gave you to share with us. See you again soon.

- Joshua Chen


I had only recently been given the pleasure of knowing Lisa, but the short time we knew each other on earth was sweet and filled with encouragement. Our shared love and passion for Asia, common friends and networks, and experiences means that Lisa was actually in my life much longer than I knew her. I think that speaks volumes to the kind of woman she was on earth and the kind of woman she has become in heaven. She leaves a beautiful legacy of faithfulness, generosity, and evangelism.

I looked forward to knowing you more here on earth, but I thank God that we get to continue sisterhood some day in heaven.

Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for the lives you impacted that have impacted me, and thank you for spending the time to share some of your life with me.

 - Elise

Lisa so clearly made a lasting impact on this world & its least reached peoples!
Years ago she led a GGBTS team that facilitated our ministry among high caste Hindu communities in South Asia, completing a helpful ethnography.

I also had the privilege of co-teaching “Global Worldviews” with her and Dr Don Dent. She was encyclopedic and insightful in her understanding of Buddhist peoples. A genuine scholar with the passion of a seasoned cross-cultural worker.

Without question her deep investment in the lives of individuals & families in East Asia and in her many students, colleagues and various ministry partners will bear lasting fruit into eternity.

“Well done, servant of a Christ!”

- Brian and Linda Petersen 

To Lisa’s family and the Gateway community, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I knew Dr. Hoff briefly as I am in her Introduction to Missions course this semester and this is my initial term at Gateway. I had the privilege of being instructed by her for the past four weeks and the depth and breadth of what she knew was exhilarating to witness. I looked forward to conversations with her as I just knew she would impart wisdom and open my eyes to an aspect of missions I had not considered before. I really enjoyed her positive personality and her passion for the Great Commission. Praise God for Lisa M. Hoff! Praise God for the small glimpse into His kingdom of heaven I was afforded!

- Maria de Jesus Dixon, M.Div online scholar

It is with profound sorrow that we learned of Lisa’s passing today. We have worked with Lisa on our journal, The International Journal of Urban Transformation, where she served as the co-editor. Lisa brought incredible scholarship along with a servant’s heart. We are blessed to have been influenced by Lisa. I especially feel this loss acutely as President of Urban Loft Publishers. The Seminary family as well as Lisa’s family are in our prayers. I am based in the Lake Arrowhead area so please let me know if I can be of assistance In any way.

We will be dedicating the next issue of the Journal to Lisa.

- Stephen Burris

Dr. Hoff was the leading professor, director and my roommate, when I went to Japan for a mission trip. She showed us how to be a missionary by example and with her caring heart, knowledge and experience. I will remember Dr. Hoff for very long time.She will be missed dearly.

- Jiwon Hong

Dr. Hoff was one of a kind - a bold and brilliant woman of God. She loved the Lord and lived in full obedience to him - a faithful follower of Jesus. It was such a privilege to know and learn from her these past two years. She had such a zest for life, gospel ministry, and intercultural learning. I loved listening to her stories about how the Lord moved and shaped her in different seasons of her life. She was so passionate about teaching and helping her students become the leaders that God was shaping them to be. She was such an inspiration to so many of us single women who are seeking God’s call to missions. She was truly a gem of a professor and friend. Though we are grieving because she is no longer with us, we rejoice knowing that she leaves a strong legacy and we have hope in meeting again in everlasting joy in the presence of our Lord and Savior.

- Joyce Lam


I don't know of Dr. Lisa Hoff, but her profile is very impressive and her work is as well. She lived up to her full potential and her achievement during the relatively short period time is now her spiritual legacy for us to receive. Thank you Lord for sending her to our seminary community. We miss her very much.

- Toshi Matsuno, M.Div., Class of 88

Dr. Hoff was definitely one of the greatest inspirations to all her students, including me. Her passion and teachings for cross-cultural ministries bring glory to Christ. I was truly blessed to be one of her Capstone students at Gateway. Her influence on me will not end until the day I see her warm greeting and beautiful smile again.

- Tobey Chui

In the Fall of 2012, one of my classmates at GGBTS asked if I can help someone to transcribe audio recordings from Chinese to English. So I met Dr. Hoff through her recordings before I got to know her in person as one of her students. I learned through those interviews that Dr. Hoff was passionate about sharing the gospel to the people she served in East Asia. Her interviews were filled with laugher and the people communicated to her with ease. She exemplified as an excellent intercultural communicator not only for the gospel but also between cultures and genders.

Thank you for the lessons and smiles. See you later.

- Elisabeth Liu

When I first started at GS, Dr. Hoff reached out to me, even though she was on sabbatical. I took several classes from her, and her passion for intercultural missions was contagious. I loved it when she would tell stories of some of her experiences internationally. When I became concerned that the class I needed wouldn't be offered next semester, she reassured me that she would make sure I had what I needed to graduate. She truly cared about people and was so encouraging. She will definitely be missed.

- Terry Jackson

I remember the first time Lisa, Paul Kelly and myself went to dinner in Carmel shortly after Lisa returned from East Asia and started teaching at Gateway. I was totally mesmerized as Lisa talked about East Asia and the cost those in East Asia are willing to pay to be a Christian. No one before or since has ever convinced me more of the need for those in the United States are to be involved in missions.

Through the years as I have taught in Dr. Kelly’s classes one of the highlights has been having a meal with Lisa and Paul. Lisa would always make me feel valued as I shared my thoughts, ideas and opinions. She always had a genuine interest in me and I know in all those she interested with.

Her passions for missions and an ability to show such genuine interest in others will be a legacy she leaves to me and countless others to be like her.
I am sure as Lisa arrived at the throne of her Heavenly Father that she heard these words: Well done my good and faithful servant!

- Jay McSwain

Lisa was my Sunday School teacher around the late 90's. We were just kids who were told to go to church on Sunday mornings because our parents were going. But, we were also just kids who couldn't wait to see our friends and Lisa. Her undeniable patience toward us was something I'll never forget. She'd spent time with each of us outside of church just trying to get to know us better. I was blown away when she first spoke mandarin with me. Although your flesh has left us, Lisa, your memory will never fade. I look forward to the day when I get to see you in our Father's house, until then.. rest in His peace.

- Mandy Lin Atkinson

I never knew her. We crossed paths and relationships. I believe we were introduced, but we never really had an opportunity to interact. All I know is that whatever room I saw her in, the room seemed brighter in every way because she was in it. On several occasions I remember thinking, "I ought to introduce myself again and get to know this person." I even saw her in the foyer of the seminary just a couple of weeks ago and found myself thinking the same thing, but I was rushing somewhere. Rest in peace, Dr. Hoff. May we meet in heaven.

- Sang Boo

Dr. Lisa Hoff was an amazing Christian woman. She was a great teacher, scholar, colleague, and friend. We need more Lisa Hoff’s in this world. She woke up every day to try and do her part to make the world a better place.

- Michael Peach

Lisa was my friend. She inspired the very best in me and in others. I was with her for 3 years as seminary students. She was wise beyond her years. Her wisdom was matched by her wit, her vivacious spirit, her love for Jesus. We remained friends over the years as I was a campus minister and she hosted many teams from our state in Asia. Some of my former college students who met her went on to Gateway to have Lisa teach them. She was remarkable and memorable enough that students could meet her once and decide to go to "her seminary."

Just today I was telling a friend and former student, "my grief is strange ... I have grieved people that I've admired but never met because they made an indelible impact on me personally and the Kingdom. People like Rich Mullins, Ravi Z, and Billy Graham. It was real grief. I've also lost dear friends. This is the first time I feel I am mourning both. She was a rockstar, a Kingdom shaker, ...and she was my friend." She truly joins the saints in Hebrews 11 of whom "the world was not worthy of them." And like them... the world really needed them. Thankfully, she continues to live through the lives of countless Asian believers, seminarians, and friends whom she invested in. Our world is better because she was in it. My life is better. In closing, Lisa was fond of trying to teach her friends a phrase, perhaps from Martial arts movies...I never knew where. "Ni Yao Chang yi Chang wo de li hai ma?" I think it was loosely translated as, "Do you want a taste of my badness!?" Lisa... Even your "badness" was sweet. I'll miss you and your fierceness, your boisterous laugh, your tender heart and fiery spirit which longed to make the world better. You did. You made my life better.

I remember your voice ringing through the chapel as you worshiped with the voice of an angel. I know you are worshiping now. You are finally fully free to worship the one who deserves the glory for the life you lived and also the One who is rewarding you for having lived it. 

- Brian Townsend

I knew Lisa as a teen. I was her youth choir Chaperone on several youth choir excursions. As a nurse I treated her for sore throat when she had vocal solos. She grew into a young woman before my eyes. She will be missed.  

- Linda Russell

I first met Lisa as a patient in my practice, but I know it was God that brought our paths together. I always enjoyed talking to her about social and religious issues, and seeing the comments here, I realize I was babbling to a scholar. I was always impressed by her humility, and love for people. She has challenged me to see community in a broader context, and to really reflect on how I can make a difference. Her positive energy and smile will be missed, but I am comforted knowing that she is home. 

- Michael Min

This is Lisa's last email to me the other day. Let's publish it as a memento. When she was very ill, even dying, she was busy applying for my mission... ", very touched!


Dr. Cunnyngham can help answer any questions you have about the application process. I have copied him on this e-mail. He should be reaching out to you soon at the phone number you have provided.

I hope you have a blessed day.

Lisa M. Hoff, PhD
Director, Kim School of Global Missions
Chair, Intercultural Studies
Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies
Gateway Seminary
3210 E. Guasti Rd.
Ontario, CA 91761
909.687.1672 | gs.edu


- Fei Guo (Peter) 

今年7、8月上D.Min研究方法課,Dr. Hoff用中文影音為我們講解,讓大家印象深刻,也感謝老師的用心。讓我們為學習打下好的基礎。謝謝Dr. Hoff,我們將永遠在心中紀念您!

- Chungfu Chen

Really sorry to hear about Lisa Hoff passing. I would time to time meet Lisa on campus in Mill Valley and she would greet you with her uplifting personality. She always had time to talk . I enjoyed her artifacts in her office. God bless her family. 

- Timothy Kelley

Lisa and I met at William Jewell College. Her beautiful voice didn't hold a candle to her glorious spirit. Even as a college student, she had a wisdom and kindness about her that drew me to her. She made you feel loved and special even when you found it difficult to love yourself. Lisa was an incredibly special person and I'm so grateful to have known her. Her impact on this world is without measure. Praying for her family and loved ones.

- Kristen Fairlie Smarr

Still processing what a loss our Gateway community feels after Dr. Hoff’s passing. It was shocking and unexpected to hear, but we know with confidence where Dr. Hoff put her faith and hope. She was one of my favorite seminary professors and I was fortunate to have at least one class with her each year of my program. I will remember her as an exceptional teacher, who brought her years of experience all over the world into the classroom. She loved the world and worked to make Christ known and make lives better. She was beautiful and classy, kind and generous, supportive and encouraging, radiated joy, and gave great hugs. She is so missed. 

- Jenni Wallace

Dr Hoff was a friend to me during high school. She was my friend and Drum Major in band. We attended the same high school. And Church. Lisa and I also performed together in the church choir, and in the drama performances. At Jeffersontown High School. Lisa will be missed. She was a inspiration. And positive influence on my life.  

- Shane. Russell

Dr. Hoff lead several sessions on missions for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico's Fall Retreat for college students just a couple years ago. She taught hundreds of students about God's big picture and heart for the nations.

- Trevor Clark

As a CEB student , I don't know you so much . But what I know is that you love people, especially East Asian . I heard you lived in East Asia for more than 10 years, so I know you are really a child of God, and we are all God's children." The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. " Lisa, God loves you, we love you too!

- Winston