Forms of Giving

Please make checks out to Gateway Seminary.

Real estate.
A gift of homes, farms, rental property, commercial property, or other types of real estate. In some situations, property can be given in such a way as to return income for the donor.

Challenge gifts.
A single large gift made to the Seminary should certain conditions, set by the donor(s), be met.

Deduct the fair market value of a security (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) and avoid capital gains tax. Institutional Advancement staff can provide professional advice for this method. Call 888-442-8709 for assistance.

Honor and memorial gifts.
A gift in the honor or memory of a loved one.

Matching gifts.
Gifts that are matched by the donor's employer. Potential donors should contact their personnel/human resources office for more information.

Gifts in kind.
Non-cash contributions, accepted depending on the nature of the gift. Items such as jewelry, art, coin collections, antiques, automobiles, airplanes, boats, or other types of vehicles are included. For more information on vehicle donation, call 1-800-939-3235.

Planned giving.
Establishment of a trust or gifts through a will (gift annuities, remainder trusts, and testamentary wills).