Gateway Coronavirus Update

03.09.20 | Gateway News

Gateway Coronavirus Update

    We continue to monitor the Coronavirus situation and would like to communicate some new information to you regarding seminary operations through May 2020.

    UPDATE: March 20 -- Gateway remains operational under California’s stay home order

    On Thursday, Governor Gavin Newsom ordered California residents to stay at home indefinitely in response to the novel Coronavirus. Educational institutions facilitating distance learning, like Gateway, are allowed to remain operational during this time.

    “After the safety of our employees and students, our first priority is maintaining the delivery of our educational program,” Iorg said. “We are prepared to pursue our mission while accommodating Governor Newsome’s order.”

    A limited number of employees in technology support, student services, finance and security roles are working at Gateway’s two campuses in California. Many other employees are continuing to work from home.

    “Any change presents difficulties, but we expect to carry on our day-to-day processes,” Iorg said.

    Gateway’s new campuses in Ontario, Calif., and Fremont, Calif., were designed to incorporate innovative educational technology. These tools have allowed faculty to deliver class content exclusively through synchronous video lectures and online platforms with virtually no disruption. “During our relocation efforts a few years ago, we reinvented our course delivery methodologies,” Iorg said.

    “Extensive training and the integration of technology in our classrooms prepared our faculty to respond quickly and effectively in this crisis. No classes have been cancelled at Gateway Seminary.”

    Gateway campuses in Arizona, Washington and Colorado continue to operate under local directives in place in those locations.

    UPDATE: March 16 -- While we had anticipated waiting until next week to announce our plan for the rest of this semester, the urgency of the changing situation and the need to provide as much lead time as possible to implement these changes before we return from Spring Break has motivated us to make this statement now.

    Here is some important information regarding seminary operations, effective today through the dates mentioned below. 

    Course Delivery – There will not be any face-to-face classes through May 31, 2020 at any of our five campuses. Those classes will now be delivered by video access. The online program classes will continue without any changes. Teaching sites and Advance Centers will operate based on the policies of local hosts.

    Libraries – Libraries at all five campuses will remain open, but with limited hours and some operational details unique to each location. Information will be posted for each campus at This may change often so check the website before you come to a campus library.

    Employees – All employees should continue to report to work. Employees who need to work remotely should consult their supervisor or Vice President. Employees should not come to work if they have any flu-like symptoms. Essential employee/work meetings will continue as needed (faculty meetings, committee meetings, staff/employee meetings, etc.).

    Public Events – All seminary public events (chapel, conferences, etc.) and events hosted for other groups on any campus are canceled through May 14, 2020.

    Travel – All seminary funded travel is suspended through May 14, 2020. Exceptions must be approved by a Vice President.

    Graduations – We hope to resume public events on May 15, 2020 in time for graduations at all five campuses.

    March 12 -- We continue to monitor the Coronavirus situation and would like to communicate some new information to you regarding seminary operations from today through March 29, 2020.

    In considering our seminary calendar, we currently have classes scheduled next week followed by spring break.  Therefore, the following guidelines are in place through March 29, 2020.  We will then reevaluate our procedures and announce a plan for the rest of the semester based on circumstances as they develop.

    First, we are concerned for family members of our students and employees who may be impacted.  Pray for them and be sensitive to them as they handle these issues.

    Second, if you have respiratory-ailment symptoms, stay home.  Get medical care.  Take reasonable precautions to limit contact with others.  We will accommodate students and employees who take any necessary precautions to care for their health.

    Third, from March 16 through March 29, 2020 we will deliver all face-to-face classes by video access, through alternative assignments by the professor, or class sessions may be canceled by the professor.  There will be no face-to-face class meetings during this time.  Online classes will continue as planned.

    Fourth, all seminary employees should continue to report to work.  Requests to work remotely may be approved, as necessary, by your supervising vice-president.

    Fifth, all other seminary-related events are cancelled through March 29, 2020 - apart from classes as described above.

    Sixth, all non-essential seminary-related travel is cancelled through March 29, 2020 – exceptions must be approved by your supervising vice-president.

    Finally, student housing is unaffected – no policy changes at this time.

    We will continue to monitor circumstances as they develop and announce plans for the rest of the semester by the time we return from spring break.