Leaders are learners

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My women’s ministry leadership journey began in the early 80’s, at the age of 25, when very few churches were beginning to explore the idea of a ministry to engage, disciple and mentor women through the local church. As a result, I was left with very few options and examples of what this type of ministry should look like. 

Spurred by a passion to see women follow Christ, embrace His Word, and live in the overcoming power of the Holy Spirit, I began a quest to research and seek out every resource - human and printed - to learn what I could about beginning this ministry which God had laid on my heart. As a result, and working with the information and principles I discovered, I led the women in our church to start "women’s ministry” before we even knew what to call it. 

A leader needs to be a life-long learner. One practice that is invaluable to a leader and builds a reservoir of priceless information is asking questions. As a life coach for Women in Leadership, I ask a lot of questions, so it is not unusual for me when I meet other leaders to ask questions.

Here’s what I want to know:

Do you have a plan to intentionally develop yourself as a leader?

Do you have a plan to intentionally develop others into leaders?

Describe the process for developing a vision and mission for your organization.

What book has had the greatest impact on your understanding of ministry leadership?

What blogs do you read on a regular basis?

What other arenas of leadership do you look to learn from?

What are your main goals in leadership?

What do you want to go back and change?

Have you considered that one of the most valuable resources you have to reinforce learning is other leaders?

What question would you add to this list?


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