Theology Courses San Jose California

Theology Courses San Jose California

california theology bookStudents at Gateway Seminary prepare for ministry by taking classes in theology, biblical studies, church history as well as practical courses that focus on counseling, pastoral ministry and evangelism. 

What Degrees Can One Earn by Taking Courses at Gateway Seminary?

Gateway offers a variety of degree programs built from core theology, biblical studies and ministry classes supplemented by a number of electives.

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

This is an academic degree designed for students who want to teach at higher education institutions, serve as teaching pastors, and contribute academically to their chosen field through research. Gateway Seminary students in the Ph.D. program typically spend two years in seminars and another two years writing their dissertation.

  • Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

The D.Min. is a program that can last from three to six years. Students at Gateway Seminary take 15 units of seminar work, eight units of fieldwork, and six units focused on their ministry project. Mentoring is an important element of the D.Min. program. Student choose an appropriate mentor to help them grow as ministry leaders.

  • Master of Theology (Th.M.)

The Th.M. is an advanced degree that helps students further develop their research and academic writing skills. As a prerequisite, students must first have a bachelor’s degree and a Master of Divinity or an equivalent degree from an accredited institution so they can meet the school’s requirements in Hebrew and Greek.

  • Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.)

Students in the M.T.S. program focus on applying principles of biblical interpretation and research to modern life. Up to ten hours in this degree are electives, allowing students to take classes that will best help them prepare for ministry.

  • Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (M.A.I.S.)

The M.A.I.S. program helps students gain biblical, theological and historical foundations of multicultural Christian ministry. M.A.I.S. graduates can become lay leaders in urban ministries, bi-vocational ministers, cross-cultural workers and community development staff.

  • Master of Arts in Christian Counseling (M.A.C.C.)

The M.A.C.C. is involved with the philosophy of Christian counseling and the emotional and spiritual needs of people in their churches and ministries.

  • Master of Arts in Educational Leadership (M.A.E.L.)

At Gateway Seminary, M.A.E.L. graduates are prepared to lead educational ministries in and out of church settings. They are taught to integrate biblical curriculum, organizational structure, leadership development, and resource management into effective, Gospel-oriented ministries.

  • Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

Gateway’s flagship degree, the Master of Divinity, is designed to prepare pastors for a lifetime of ministry leadership Students can choose one of twelve concentrations to better prepare for the ministry God is calling them to.

  • Master of Divinity - Advanced Track (M.Div. – A.T.)

The Master of Divinity - Advanced Track (M.Div-A.T.) is available for students who have a bachelor’s level education in biblical, theological, or applied Christian studies.  Students can reduce this degree to as low as 68 credit-hours by applying their bachelor level coursework.

  • Master of Missiology (M.Miss.)

The M.Miss. degree program empowers students to minister in cross-cultural contexts around the world. Students will develop practical strategies and skills in communicating the Gospel in a variety of missional settings.

What Diplomas and Certificates Can You Earn at Gateway Seminary?

 At Gateway Seminary, students with a high school diploma or a General Education Development certificate can earn a variety of certificates or diplomas.

  • Diploma in Theology (D.Th.)

People who do not have an undergraduate degree but are called into ministry can earn a D.Th. It shares the coursework and degree objectives of the Master of Divinity. A person with a D.Th can become a pastor, church planter, denominational worker, missional strategist or director of missions.

  • Diploma in Educational Leadership (D.E.L.)

At Gateway Seminary, the D.E.L. shares the exact coursework of the Master of Arts in Educational Leadership. People with a D.E.L. may serve as a Christian education minister, a church school administrator, be part of a family ministry or even an age-specific ministry focused on college students, youth, or preschool-age children.

  • Children’s Ministry Certificate (C.M.C.)

The C.M.C. is designed to help students acquire skills for ministering to children and their families. At Gateway Seminary, students are trained to become  effective teachers to children in multicultural contexts that range in age from infants to pre-teens.

  • Youth Ministry Certificate (Y.M.C.)

The Y.M.C.  is a program that allows students to learn the skills required to minister effectively to young people. By examining current trends and issues and training in multiethnic and multicultural settings, students can more effectively reach youth with the Gospel.

  • Collegiate Ministry Certificate

The Collegiate Ministry Certificate prepares students for evangelism, discipleship and leadership in a collegiate ministry. This certificate requires students to pursue a nine-month internship in a collegiate setting under the supervision of a field mentor.

  • Ministry to Women Certificate

The Ministry to Women Certificate is designed for students who want to minister specifically to women in various context such as the local church, parachurch ministries, advocacy work, and the mission field. Students are trained to address the practical, moral and spiritual needs of women.

  • Missions Studies Certificate (MSC)

The MSC program is designed for students called to missionary work. There are three stages that reflect the required coursework for appointment by the International Mission Board. The Basic Mission Studies Certificate consists of 12 hours of biblical and theological foundations. The Advanced Mission Studies Certificate requires an additional eight hours of mission studies. The Leadership Mission Studies Certificate requires 30 total credit hours and prepares students to serve as field leaders on the mission field.

  • Bible Teaching Certificate (B.T.C.)

The B.T.C. is an effective way for a Sunday school teacher or a lay ministry leader to gain a deeper knowledge of the Bible and training in effective teaching techniques.

  • Church Planting Certificate (C.P.C.)

The C.P.C. is designed for people called into church planting. Students are exposed to church planting methods and gain access to a network of church planters in their classes.

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