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Degree program in which you are currently enrolled:*

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Prerequisite Complete*

You must choose two different class section choices unless your first choice is online. Failure to do so will delay the review and approval of your application. If your campus offers only one section of TFE, and you are willing to take TFE online should the live class not make, choose the online option as your second choice. Sections will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis when applications are completed.

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Proposed Ministry Setting Location*


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Credit earned beyond 2 credit hours per semester is treated as elective hours. You can increase/decrease your credit hours before the spring semester begins, but you cannot change your credit hours for the fall after the fall semester begins.

The Field and Spiritual Formation Mentors below meet the qualifications to serve in their respective roles, as stated here.

You will meet with your field mentor one hour per week for the next two semesters.

My field mentor is NOT a Gateway student, a Gateway professor or a family member.*

If this is not true, you must find another person to fill this role.

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Has your field mentor been trained by Gateway Seminary?*

The TFE Office will be contacting your Field Mentor about Field Mentor Training, which occurs during the summer. It will be your responsibility to insure your field mentor completes the training before classes begin.

You will meet your spiritual mentor one hour per month for two semesters.

My spiritual mentor is NOT a Gateway student, a family member or the same person as my field mentor.*

If this is not true, you must find another person to fill this role.

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Your TFE class will involve a lot of people besides you who will need to complete various assignments. You, as the first point of contact for them, will be responsible for helping them to understand their role and how to complete their assignments.

Thus, to improve communication, before your TFE class has begun, you must read, understand, and be familiar with

I will read and fully understand the TFE Handbook and the Field Mentor Resources before my TFE class begins.*

Once your application is received, it will be reviewed by the TFE Office. If approved, the TFE Office will communicate to the Registrar which TFE course for which you should be registered. The Registrar will add you to your designated TFE section.*

If you have any questions, please contact the TFE office by email or phone:


Phone: (909) 687-1632

My digital signature above indicates that by submitting the TFE Application, I realize that the TFE section to which I am assigned will meet at the same time and day for both fall and spring semesters and that I will not be allowed to change sections for the second semester.