Unsung Heroes

Posted by Jeff Iorg on

On Easter Sunday, my wife Ann and I were sitting in church together when she leaned over and said, “This is my first Easter service in 12 years.” She wasn’t confessing to being an Easter-slacker. She was reflecting on her dozen years of service as a preschool director which required her – and every worker she could recruit – to be all-hands-on-deck every Easter Sunday. Ann has resigned her leadership role in preparation for our move to Southern California, thus we were sitting together for the first time in more than a decade.

It’s likely, following her lifelong pattern of teaching or leading preschool ministries, she will once again find herself missing Easter services next year. Knowing that, after the service I told her, “Well, I hope you enjoyed that since it has to last you 10 years!”

Our exchange reminded me of the people who make Easter Sunday and other special events happen in churches around the world – choirs, ushers, greeters, children’s workers, custodians, cooks, parking lot attendants, and on and on. Leaders – before you rush ahead toward summer events – take time to thank all the unsung heroes who make “big days” like Easter a success where you serve. Most of these people serve out of love for the Lord and the sense of satisfaction that comes from doing their part. Even so, a pat on the back or a short note would still mean a lot!


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