More Missionaries

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Vision 2025 consists of five strategic goals, recently endorsed by the SBC Executive Committee, to be presented for consideration by the SBC annual meeting in June 2020. My hope is they will be adopted by Southern Baptists – not just voted and forgotten—as our North Star for the next five years.

Invisible Support

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While preaching in a southern state this past weekend, the invisible yet tangible support Southern Baptists give their entities revealed itself in a meaningful way. After my message, an older gentleman came up to talk with me. He said, “It was good to hear about Gateway. We have always prayed...

Even More Optimistic

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Last week, my summative statement about the future of the Southern Baptist Convention was “very optimistic.” My weekly blog spelled out some reasons for my optimism. After attending the annual meeting of Southern Baptists, let me add another reason to be optimistic about the future.