Leading Forward

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Governmental leaders make policy decisions to manage risk, not eliminate it. Their goal is palatable decisions that maintain social order, not preserve every life. Governments manage death rates, keeping them reasonable, without eliminating their causes. That’s not a criticism, just a frank...

Hang around a while

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Over the past months, I have been studying tenure—meaning length of service, not an academic status—among seminary presidents. No big surprise—the longest serving presidents (more than 10 years) tended to make the most impact. In every ministry leadership role, there is a demonstrable connection...

Guest Blogger


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Tomorrow is the big day. They tell me that I have passed all the requirements, paid all the fees, and will graduate with a Doctor of Ministry in Town and Country Church. I have been contemplating the differences between being a small church pastor and a big church pastor. Since I am a small...

Younger Pastors


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In his recent column in Facts and Trends, Dr. Thom Rainer wrote about the coming crisis of pastoral leadership – not enough pastors. He reported that half of all American pastors are over age 55. In 1992, only 24% were over that age. He also noted the percentage of pastors under age 40 has...