Christian Witches


Posted by Jeff Iorg on

The first annual Christian witch’s convention is scheduled for this April in Salem, Massachusetts (really, where else could it be?). According to press reports, the event will include keynote messages and workshops promoting various practices like “money magic.” Not sure what that means, but if...

No Shame

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A recent news report caught my eye like a bright, shining diamond on a beautiful woman’s hand. The report was about “ring shaming” – the practice of posting a photograph of an engagement/wedding ring online and shaming the purchaser for being too cheap, having bad taste, or otherwise failing to...

Sex Robots, Really?

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Business is booming in our area, including a company called Abyss Creations that is hoping to bring sexbots to the market soon. Harmony, Henry, and Solana are the prototypes – each with a robotic head empowered by artificial intelligence and controlled by a phone app. When fully developed, they...