Natural-Born Leader

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One prominent Christian leader, a friend of mine, believes leadership can’t be taught. He told me, “A person either has leadership ability or doesn’t. You can’t teach a person how to be a leader.” Obviously, I don’t agree, but my friend does make a valid point. Some people are natural-born leaders.

It IS what you know

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Leadership equals influence so increasing your influence increases your leadership effectiveness. One important source of influence is information—what you know. There’s an old saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” Sometimes that’s true. But more...

Thick or Thin

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While swapping stories with another ministry veteran, we shared some of the best advice we received when we were starting out as pastors. My friend told me, “A mentor put his arm around me one day and whispered, ‘Develop thick skin, but keep a tender heart.’”


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Over this past weekend, the shootings in El Paso and Dayton (just after Gilroy) left many of us numb – devastated at the pain of the victims and angry about our cultural milieu contributing to random acts of violence. We have lost our spiritual, social, moral, and ethical moorings – no news...

A Theology of Volunteers


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Over the next three weeks, I want to address the issue of volunteers in churches and ministry organizations. Next week, we will consider issues related to recruiting volunteers. The following week, motivating volunteers. Each week I will also be addressing these issues in greater detail in my...

Culture Crushes Vision

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John Maxwell is credited with saying, “Culture eats vision for lunch.” He may have been quoting someone else (if so, let me know and attribution will be given!). Whoever said it, they got it right. No matter how grand your vision, organizational culture can crush it. This was first evident to me...