Logo Shirts

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When we rebranded as Gateway Seminary, we knew it would take a while for the new name to become better known than our old one. We chose a generic name we could use anywhere/anytime, replacing being identified with one of the ten most famous landmarks in the world (which shall remain unnamed to...

Western Myths


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When traveling and speaking across the South, people who have never lived on the West Coast often ask me about ministry in our context. They sometimes make faulty assumptions and draw conclusions based on their limited perspective. The boldest even ask me, “How can you stand it out there in...


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This past Saturday, Gateway hosted an organizational meeting for a future association for International Mission Board alumni in California. It was an amazing gathering of veteran, retired, and recently returned IMB personnel. They had served on every continent, catalyzed all kinds of missionary...

Education on mission

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Gateway Seminary is not a college or university, but we pay close attention to what is happening at those schools for many reasons. The most important reason is, as a graduate school, our students come from colleges or universities and their prior educational experience impacts their...

Fake outrage

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Racism is a serious problem in our world. It’s a global problem – not just an American problem or a black/white problem. Confronting it requires concentrated effort from serious-minded people who intend real change. Christians must be on the forefront of this effort.

Diversity works

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Last week, the old-left fired a Google engineer for questioning their views about diversity and the alt-right disrupted a community with anti-diversity protests. On Sunday, I spoke in two churches – one predominantly African-American and the other predominantly Korean. This evening, I drove...

Graduation season

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It’s graduation season at Gateway. That’s an apt descriptor because we have five graduations across the West every May – allowing graduates to participate in the service of their choosing at any of our five campus locations. This year we have 201 total graduates, which is a smaller number for us.

The disconnect


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My weekend-world and weekday-world reveal the disconnect that sometimes exists between seminary conversations and real-world concerns. This past weekend was a good reminder of what it means to prepare people for leadership in local churches. I spoke at a men’s conference with attendees from...