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Gateway graduations are a multi-week event spread over five campuses in four states. We like a party so we throw five of them every spring! This year we reached a remarkable milestone in our 77-year history.

Defining Diversity

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Gateway Seminary has been a diverse community for so long we often forget how unique we are in this regard. We started our five-campus graduation cycle this past weekend and our diversity was on full display, reminding me again of the tapestry that is the Gateway family.


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We are kicking off another semester at Gateway this week. Since most of our students live in California (even in an online or video-classroom world), maintaining academic programs and organizational operations is challenging. Our COVID infection and death rates in Southern California are still...

Better Together

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The challenges of men and women working together in ministry leadership are at the forefront of discussions in churches and ministry organizations today. Most of the conversations veer to the negative – harassment claims, abuse recovery, arguments over roles, etc. That’s unfortunate...

Logo Shirts

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When we rebranded as Gateway Seminary, we knew it would take a while for the new name to become better known than our old one. We chose a generic name we could use anywhere/anytime, replacing being identified with one of the ten most famous landmarks in the world (which shall remain unnamed to...

Western Myths


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When traveling and speaking across the South, people who have never lived on the West Coast often ask me about ministry in our context. They sometimes make faulty assumptions and draw conclusions based on their limited perspective. The boldest even ask me, “How can you stand it out there in...