Re-opening Your Church

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Some churches, even in the same community, will make different decisions about both the place and methods for re-opening.  We need to support church leaders who are making hard choices, not criticize others for making different choices than we do.  While believers gathering is important, some of...

Being Christian

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A new church staff role has emerged at Vision Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Let’s hope it’s not the start of a trend. If it is, Gateway will have to sit this one out. Rev. Lakara Foster has joined the ministerial staff of Vision Church as their new medium. In her role, she communicates with the dead.

Ministry in the West

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Every year, about this time of year, my travels take me to multiple western state conventions. They are a priority in my scheduling each year. Why are these conventions, typically smaller and less influential than others in the South, a priority? If you lived and worked among them, you would...

Western Myths


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When traveling and speaking across the South, people who have never lived on the West Coast often ask me about ministry in our context. They sometimes make faulty assumptions and draw conclusions based on their limited perspective. The boldest even ask me, “How can you stand it out there in...

Emerging Trends Conference

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Ministry leaders today have complex responsibilities related to technology, personnel, and financial standards and laws applicable to churches and ministry organizations. Gateway is partnering with a Southern California law firm and other professional organizations to host a major Emerging...

A Unifying Word

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Our summer vacation included visiting family in Europe.  While wandering about, we discovered the National War Museum of Scotland where we learned this remarkable story.  The first item donated to the collection when the museum opened in 1930 was the “McNab Bible.”  The McNab Clan website...