Sex Robots, Really?

Posted by Jeff Iorg on

Business is booming in our area, including a company called Abyss Creations that is hoping to bring sexbots to the market soon. Harmony, Henry, and Solana are the prototypes – each with a robotic head empowered by artificial intelligence and controlled by a phone app. When fully developed, they will be able to talk to you, change facial expressions, and remember your sexual preferences.Married Couple Looking at Sunset

This is wrong on so many levels, it’s hard to know where to begin. Let me highlight just two ways sexbots are a further erosion of God’s beautiful design for human sexuality.

First, sexuality is supposed to be the ultimate expression of intimacy between two human beings. Sexual expression includes making oneself vulnerable in the most revealing ways – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. People today of all generations – but particularly Millennials – crave intimacy. That’s not new and it will not change for future generations either. God hard-wired humans to long for intimacy. While levels of it can be discovered in platonic friendships and extended family connections, the ultimate means for fulfilling intimacy in human relationships is marriage – a man and woman completing each other and learning about each other in a lifelong discovery process. No sexbot, no matter how much AI is packed into its chips, can ever approximate the depth of human personality and the intricate, life-long process of really knowing another person.

Second, sexuality includes serving others by meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. God designed sexual expression as a means of two people really knowing each other – including their most closely held secrets – and working together to meet each other’s needs. When sexual expression is reduced to programming a robot to properly service its owner, all aspects of serving another person are lost. Having sex with a pre-programmed robot reveals an incredible level of selfishness and self-absorption. It is an intentional, expensive, time-consuming effort to arrange a self-focused pleasurable moment – rather than engage in self-sacrificing efforts to meet the needs of another person.

The future of robotic technology for good is almost unlimited. Let’s get the smartest people in the room working on those applications – not wasting their time on electronic sex machines.


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