Pornographers Unite!

Posted by Jeff Iorg on

In northern California, next to a major freeway is an oversized billboard that reads, “PORNOGRAPHERS – Vote NO on Proposition 60.”  Intriguing – what would be so important the porn industry would unite in such public opposition?  The gist – Proposition 60 would require persons participating in pornographic films to use condoms, increase the cost to the porn industry for health care for their employees, and make it easier for citizens to file complaints about risky behavior by industry participants.

The response of the pornographers reveals the blatant selfishness at the root of their industry.  They oppose Prop 60 - their literature rests their argument on the “civil rights” of porn participants to make their own choices on these matters – because it would limit free expression and somehow violate the privacy of porn workers.  That’s comical to the point of sadness!

The opponents to Prop 60 are saying, in essence, “We really don’t care what happens to you when you perform sexual acts.  Just titillate us!  Create opportunities for self-gratification that make us rich at your expense.  If you get sick or die in the process, well, that’s your right!  We will defend your right to die to make us rich, no matter the cost.”

Pornographers have some interesting company in opposing Proposition 60 – like the San Francisco Democratic Party and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.  That also makes no sense, but then what does in our convoluted world of confusion about sexual rights?  The fact we are even voting to define and regulate debauchery is a fitting commentary on the moral state of America today.


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