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One of the most interesting aspects of relocating the seminary has been sorting 70 years of Golden Gate related memorabilia. We have artifacts from significant events in our history, including personal items from many key leaders. As we move to Ontario and likely become Gateway Seminary, we are preserving our “Golden Gate” heritage with memorial displays and other tributes in the new building.

A fellow once complained about younger leaders, saying, “They think God showed up when they walked into the room.” His complaint has some validity. Some people have a hard time acknowledging or remembering the contributions of those who went before them. God has been at work through Golden Gate for years – not just in the last two years when he directed us to relocate. We celebrate the contributions of our forefathers and build on their foundation.

Memorial Day is an important holiday. It reminds us to look back, commemorate the sacrifices of others, and determine to live more productively because of their example. We should certainly do this with fallen heroes of past wars and local heroes like police officers and firefighters who gave their all. Let’s also look back today – and over the next few days – to people who have built our churches, schools, camps, and missions programs. Thank God for them and be inspired by their example – not to just preserve their legacy but to build on it as we expand God’s kingdom around the world.


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