Maintaining Perspective

Posted by Jeff Iorg on

It’s the week of a national election in our country and, no matter the outcome, pundits and pontificators will declare the results the end of western civilization. Not likely.

Elections are significant events and it’s important for Christians to vote their convictions. Elections have consequences. The laws enacted, policies created, and people appointed by elected leaders often have generational impact. Christian leaders should devote some time to addressing these issues. We should speak truth to people in power, teach our constituents how to think biblically about contemporary issues, advocate for policies (rooted in our faith commitments) that promote the common good, and vote every time we can.

It’s disappointing, even distressing, when Christians leaders go beyond devoting some time to these issues and make them their mission. Our mission is far more significant than any problem that can be solved by an election. Our mission is introducing people to God through Jesus Christ and training them to live as his fully devoted disciples. Our mission is eternal. We can’t ever lose that perspective – and it’s our responsibility to help others stay focused as well.

How can you know if you have lost your focus? How can you help your followers stay on track? Here are some evaluative questions to help crystallize the issues.

Do you pray more about politicians and political issues than for people to be saved?

Do you demonize fellow believers who don’t share all your political convictions?

Do you discuss politics with friends more often than sharing the gospel with people?

Do you consume more political media than biblical truth each week?

Do you give more money to political causes than mission programs?

Do you get angry when someone challenges you on these issues?

Think honestly about your answers. Make concrete adjustments on how you spend your time, money, energy, and influence. Let’s resist the temptation to exchange our eternal mission for a mess of political pottage (Gen. 25:29-34, KJV).


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