Last Major Events

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The final two public events at the Mill Valley location of Golden Gate Seminary are happening in the next two weeks. The final Chapel service will be Thursday, May 12, 11:00 a.m., and is open to everyone. The final public event on campus will be an Alumni and Friends Luncheon on Friday, May 20, at Noon. 

Both of these events will be poignant moments for us. We will celebrate what God has done at this location, commemorate the good work of so many who made owning this historic site possible, and look forward to the future God has for us in new locations beginning later this year. There will be testimonies and tears, along with laughter and longing. We hope to see you on campus for one or both of these events.

We are now just over three weeks from closing the Mill Valley location. As we get closer to the actual move, the tension (and the excitement) is mounting. A few weeks ago, in another column, I described it like “100 weddings” all happening at once. We are all stressed – but the good kind of stress – that leaves you emotionally spent but satisfied at the same time. We continue to have remarkable unity as God gives us patience and determination to hold on to each other and make it through the relocation together.

Pray of us. We need physical and spiritual strength. We also have many employee and student families who need wisdom about decisions related to housing, schools, jobs for spouses, and many other practical concerns. We need stamina for packing, loading, and moving. We also are at “crunch time” in the completion of our Ontario Campus. Final inspections are happening and it seems like a thousand details all need to be completed at once. All in all – it’s been an amazing process and we need God’s grace to sustain us to the end.

Thank you for standing with us!


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