Drowning our sorrows

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Most people in our culture believe alcohol is a necessary social lubricant, mark of adulthood, and primary ingredient for having a party. None of those things are true – but most people believe them anyway. People who believe otherwise are marginalized as out-of-touch legalists. That’s a...

Decadal disciple making

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One of the pastors from a nearby community providing on-sight ministry in Sutherland Springs, Texas is a Gateway graduate. He recently told me, “I never imagined ministering in a situation like this but my seminary training prepared me for it.” My purpose in calling this alum was to encourage...

Education on mission

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Gateway Seminary is not a college or university, but we pay close attention to what is happening at those schools for many reasons. The most important reason is, as a graduate school, our students come from colleges or universities and their prior educational experience impacts their...

Good churches

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Green Valley Baptist Church in St. Joseph, Missouri, celebrated their 50th anniversary this past weekend. They were my first pastorate (1982-89). They somehow survived! It was my pleasure to preach on Sunday as part of their weekend-long celebration.

Productivity vs. posturing


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Over this past weekend, many professional athletes and related personnel engaged in various forms of protest, spurred on by recent comments by President Trump. Many people are now expressing opinions about those opinions and the President’s opinions and how they were expressed. My question about...

At our best

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When hurting people are in crisis, petty divisions just don’t matter. South Texans and their friends are showing the best of the American spirit. The Christian worldview still prevalent in these communities undergirds this effort. Churches have taught servant leadership and the importance of...