Culture Crushes Vision

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John Maxwell is credited with saying, “Culture eats vision for lunch.” He may have been quoting someone else (if so, let me know and attribution will be given!). Whoever said it, they got it right. No matter how grand your vision, organizational culture can crush it. This was first evident to me...

A Simple Gospel

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My recent blogs on our confusion about declaring and defending the gospel prompted one supporter to write me back. While he applauded my overall point, he opined some Christians – even pastors - seem to be confused about the simplicity of the gospel. He referenced a recent memorial service, led...


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A theme in my preaching ministry over the past few months has been the power of forgiveness. My messages have considered two aspects of this subject – we need God’s forgiveness and we must forgive others. The best one-word description of the response is “intense.” Dozens of people have lined up...

Christian Witches


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The first annual Christian witch’s convention is scheduled for this April in Salem, Massachusetts (really, where else could it be?). According to press reports, the event will include keynote messages and workshops promoting various practices like “money magic.” Not sure what that means, but if...