Crises in Our Churches—Two

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In a recent class presentation on ecclesiology, students poured out their discouragement and frustration over the state of their churches. The professor set aside his notes and addressed the issues at hand. He followed up that class session with a series of letters to students, pointing out...

Why Plan for the Future

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A pastor recently shared an observation and a dilemma all leaders face. He told me about his strategic plan for 2020, and how it disintegrated and had to be recreated in a very different form in March 2020 when the COVID pandemic emerged as the defining cultural event for last year. His...

Christmas Creep

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A phrase has been coined to describe the Christmas season expanding earlier and earlier into the Fall—Christmas creep. Despite the objections of a frustrated minority, advertisers, retailers, and entertainment companies are expanding Christmas in response to popular demand. Surveys show most...