Man Card

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One of the seminar sessions at a men’s conference where I recently spoke was entitled, “Don’t Give Up Your Man Card.” The premise was men have a unique role and responsibilities. Abandoning those is harmful — both for men individually and the people they impact. Some critics dismiss a seminar...

Steady Change

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At the Southern Baptist Convention in Birmingham this week, Southern Baptists are focusing on three cultural issues – leadership diversity, women in ministry, and preventing sexual abuse. Gateway has been a forerunner on all these issues. We have been – for more than 30 years &ndash...

Western Myths


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When traveling and speaking across the South, people who have never lived on the West Coast often ask me about ministry in our context. They sometimes make faulty assumptions and draw conclusions based on their limited perspective. The boldest even ask me, “How can you stand it out there in...


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This past Saturday, Gateway hosted an organizational meeting for a future association for International Mission Board alumni in California. It was an amazing gathering of veteran, retired, and recently returned IMB personnel. They had served on every continent, catalyzed all kinds of missionary...

Finding the Future

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Demographics are destiny. Well, maybe not completely, but it is hard to buck entrenched demographic trends. Gateway Seminary is currently in the early phases of a major effort to determine key aspects of our ministry through 2030. While we are clear about our mission, we are equally clear about...

Decadal disciple making

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One of the pastors from a nearby community providing on-sight ministry in Sutherland Springs, Texas is a Gateway graduate. He recently told me, “I never imagined ministering in a situation like this but my seminary training prepared me for it.” My purpose in calling this alum was to encourage...