Lights out


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One contemporary trend in worship services is turning the lights down on the congregation during the service. This has the effect of focusing the attention on the stage, much like happens in a theater. The goal is well-intended – minimizing distraction among the audience – but actually has a...

A heart for missions

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When Golden Gate Seminary sold its property, moved its primary campus to Southern California, and changed its name to Gateway Seminary – some asked a legitimate question. Their concern was whether the seminary would change its core identity. The answer was and is no.

The Big Party

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Many years ago, our church had a series of solid successes on some significant ministry projects. At the time, I was involved in a supervisory relationship with a mentor who was helping sharpen my ministry skills.

Things I Miss About Church - Part two

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As I wrote last week, I’m too young to remember the good old days wistfully, but I’m also old enough to remember how some things used to be done effectively. Church practices have changed quite a bit in my 35 years as a ministry leader. Some of those have been good changes, necessary...