Invisible Support

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While preaching in a southern state this past weekend, the invisible yet tangible support Southern Baptists give their entities revealed itself in a meaningful way. After my message, an older gentleman came up to talk with me. He said, “It was good to hear about Gateway. We have always prayed...

Tipping God


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This past spring, Gateway had a successful social media-driven fundraising campaign. We raised $75,000 in seven days to launch our 75th anniversary celebration. The money was mostly donated by text message. It was a contemporary approach to fundraising that resonated with donors – particularly...


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Over this past weekend, the shootings in El Paso and Dayton (just after Gilroy) left many of us numb – devastated at the pain of the victims and angry about our cultural milieu contributing to random acts of violence. We have lost our spiritual, social, moral, and ethical moorings – no news...